So I've been working with the angels of omnipotence and here's a talisman I made


Yoooo that’s really good!

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Thank you I made the sigil myself and then I had the sigil made into a talisman professionally


This is so cool, but is it recharged by itself? whats the experience?like oractical changes/ benefits?

sorry for the late reply apparently my notifications for this site have been going to my spam emails, anyway you definitely will feel the energy of the glyphs from looking at the physical sigil. But I do recommend charging it with the angel of omnipotentence that your intention corresponds with for the best results and maximum power.

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Also, as far as the changes and benefits of working with entities they are some of the most powerful cosmic angels around and the pathworking you do to evoke them is very intense. And once you charge the sigil and put it on your body you can feel the energy pulsating through your whole body. It feels weird at first but once your energetic field gets used to it, it gets more subtle. Also depending on what your asking for the magick works really fast.


Charging of sigils or evocation, is one area I am yet to master, even the sigil opening feels far fetched.
Although I am regular in trying, can you suggest any breakthrough method?


With the angels of omnipotentce it’s pretty easy just make the sigil then clasp the sigil in your hands while doing the pathworking for the particular angel of omnipotence. And once the angel of omnipotence is present ask the angel of omnipotence to empower the sigil with your intention like this. " I ask that you ’ angels name ’ empower this sigil the ability to ’ now speak your intention ’ thank you for your help and generosity " and then close the pathworking that is literally all you have to do.