So I've been seeing Baphomet in my dreams every night

Baphomet or some kinda Daemon with a goat head and a star on his forehead
sometimes the dream is me talking to it and other times it’s a completely normal dream except something demonic related is in the background like my computer desktop is a goat head or some guy in the crowd has a Baphomet shirt and the rest of the dream is normal.

What should I do?


Evoke for a chat to find out why, it’s usually a good thing when a spirit goes out of their way to contact you by showing you recognisable symbols like this.


By the way in TGS am I communicating through thoughts or actually hearing the spirit?
Just double checking I’m new to things like trances

Usually its telepathic. That being said, it’ll feel like someone else is jamming thoughts in the back of your head. Don’t ignore them.

I find they feel like they are coming from just behind the ears, at the base of the skull


Will it become easier over time to interpret what the spirit is saying? It’s like an internal dialogue problem is it sounds exactly like my own voice so it can be a little hard to pick up sometimes.

Think of it like a phone.

Are you really hearing the other person?

Yes - and no - you’re hearing their voice, translated into electronic impulses (mic) then into data, then into a signal, then back into data, electronics, and finally, sound waves.

Things can go wrong along that chain, crackling noises, signal loss, but they are still communicating.

Same in my experience with this, the spirit is trying to contact you, but they need to send the thoughts to you, and your own brain may slightly glitch between that and interpreting them.

The one thing I do know is the more you do it, the more accurate you’ll get, and the clearer you will hear them.

Don’t try to censor what you receive in the moment, get it written down, then deploy your critical faciulites afterwards.

Analytical overlay (“I can’t believe they mean that? It must have meant something else”) is a killer, but, so is asusming everything you hear is sold gold and acting on it without reviewing it first.

That’s a point I believe E.A. makes and it’s really important to bear in mind.


Lol she answered for me


And PS you’ll wonder about it because they’re “in your head” but think of it this way - every other sense is also in your head, you don’t hear things as they are, you hear what your own ears pick up and intepret - if someone whispers to you in your sleep, you wouldn’t hear them, even though your ears are always open.

Think about that for a moment, because it’s important to be aware where sensory perception ALWAYS happens, even with a person standing right in front of you.

And we probably all know at least one person who doesn’t hear what we actually said because they have their own little perceptions of things, and they will distort, misinterpret, and misremember our words accordingly.


Yea that reminds me of this thing that happened a while back when I would use a pendulum to communicate with Lucifer and eventually he stopped talking to me through it and when I asked he said it was because I could already understand what he was saying even without being in TGS I just had to trust the thoughts that come into my mind he even said that I talk to him without realizing it Lol

He says I’m a natural Clairaudient I just gotta get used to the whole talking through thoughts ordeal


That leap of faith in yourself is the self-initiation we all have to take, time and again, when we step into the circle or do any kind of magick. :+1:

Get used to it, the bigger the challenges you take on, the bigger the self-doubts you will have to overcome (bonus when you have a snarky internal voice adding satirical commentary!). :smiley:


I keep wondering whether I am borderline psychotic with what is going on but hell NO, I know I am NOT.
Just we have more senses than we ever thought possible.