So I'm starting a new project

I’m making a portable altar/ritual space that sits in a hard briefcase. I already have the ideas planned out and most of the bigger pieces. I just need to go to Home Depot to get some hardware like two door hinges, epoxy, and a maybe some cheap flat-bar. I also plan on doing some other things once I get the main bits all put together.

The goal is for it to look like a normal unassuming briefcase and to not rattle when closed up properly. I’ll probably bless in or put sigils into it to make it more potent to use. Possibly even create a spirit to inhabit the thing.

These are the parts I have so far.

I’ll post pictures of the whole thing once I actually start putting it together.

Feel free to tell me how batshit crazy I am.


Okay your crazy batshit :laughing:jk

Your idea is great , I’d like to see how this turns out . It might inspire me to creat one as well.

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This is a great idea. It’s sleek, nondescript, and says “I am professional and organized. I also live for sorcery.” Please be sure to show us the final result!

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Very cool, looking forward to seeing how it ends up.

I took some pictures of it with the pieces placed to show how I’m laying it out.
I still need to get some hardware to attach the pieces together properly, but you should be able to tell roughly what I’m going for with it.

Also, empty toilet paper rolls are almost perfect to be turned into sleeves to hold tealight candles.


I started putting it all together, I still have some things I need to do with it before it’s finished, but it’s getting along pretty well.


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This is a brilliant project idea, please keep us posted with pics, because it might be especially helpful to people who have to keep their practice under wraps, or are very limited for space. :thumbsup:

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I got one of those headband lights, a small one that has 3 micro-LED lights in it. It’s now epoxied into the lid of the briefcase so it can be used to illuminate the workspace when you are setting up.

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