So idea for super power helmet

So the technology used to read minds exc uses elf waves at set frequencys to make you hear stuff and I know we have the ability to do this with private sector tech, I was just thinking about getting a helmet that just projected gamma level wavelengths into your brain the frequency itself will activate the phy Gene and hopefully cause your brain to just switch to gamma thought process. And allow for you to activate more of your power and potential.

It’s also been recorded that the brain waves get way stronger when using powers we could over ecite those areas of the brain to make reaching this power easier.

Sorry I it’s not the best organized I have a web page I can pm anyone if they wanted to know what frequency is needed for this or I they just want to learn about how the mind control works. So they can and do the world powers use the mind control on them selves just to activate there abilities in this type of way we would just need like a helmet or more realistically probably just a head band. The web page I can send had alot of Info about brain function when at certain levels. Also has a reference to the counchisness of the earth through the electromagnetic spectrum it talks about people harnessing this energy and doing really amazing helping like wounds just closing seemed like it was under documentation but did say where to find it at.

Also had another idea that if anyone wants to steal just give me 5% of gross gain.
Use a sealed paper with the sigil of most of the spirit realm made of glue clear and sell a sand or something like that with sigil that the person charges up to make there connection to the sigil when they place it in the glue making the sigil visable and linked to them.

One last just fun idea I had was for shooter games like COD if the would record our movement for lleaping Into a prone position would be real fun the originallitiy it would bring and.

They make stickers that charge batteries from being on you I wonder if they can make controllers that way where your hands charge them from contact with palms.


Like the “God Helmet”? I don’t know too much beyond what Google just showed me but I heard about it on a TV show once and thought of it
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