So...I wrote to lucifuge rofcale and burned the letter and got an immediate response

It was strange normally they do t talk to me as soon as the letter is burning it’s after which means she (yes she) was waiting the whole time…

So I wrote a letter of intent for help with wealth gain, to build a relationship and a pact…I went out side to send it off with a green candle and frankincense…

I called out to lucifuge asking to accept this and place the insences in the flame then proceeded to burn the letter the flame on the incense did not go out it burned…it burned so bad it looked like a rod that got hit with lightning…

The paper continue to burn even after it was completely ash I felt like some one was behind me at this point but saw no one however my dogs started barking and growling as if some one besides me was there… Then I heard a voice.

“Like family huh?”

A woman not a man I said yeah I’d like to build a family kind of relationship with you since you all are like family to me. The flame grew big and danced wildly at this point.

She said"that’s a first but I accept your pact…I will help you in your request."

I said really and she gave me a slight mmhmm and I thanked her. I don’t even remember the full convo but she was very kind n sweet as we got ready to close she made the flame of the letter go out then the candle I’m very excited to work n learn from her honestly and to see what she has in-store for me to I want to make a good offering to her any thoughts?