So I was meditating and this entity showed up

Hi everyone,
I was just meditating - doing some energy work then trying another attempt to have an OBE wich failed and while I was doing some projection technique I got flashes of a Name : Hekate or something like that I also saw a pantera and I received a maxim but I’m forgeting it at the moment I have a really hard time remembering it it was something along : “Be conviced of what you want to be until you are” wich sounds dumb because I can’t remember the exact sentence wich was way cooler.

Also after all of that and the end of the meditation I know fell the more relax that I’ve been in quite a long time it feel quite great I needed it…

I’d like some help to make a bit of sense of all that happened, is there an entity named Hekate and if yes does someone knows how it could relate to me or what are it’s power and what I could or should do etc…

I’d really love to get some output, thanks in advance for your help :pray:t2: !

Edit : The maxim was really something else, the sense was also much more different from the one I put on this post, ahhhh I hate loosing memory like that !!!

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This is the first time I can tell I’m having this kind of experience, please someone tell me that my mind is not making things up :sob:

You were visited by the triple goddess Hekate, wow

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So I’m not imaginating things ??!?
It’s a she !?!??

Also I just remebered 5 mins ago that I also saw a person with a black greyhound figure I don’t know neither how it relate to the rest exept that it’s black like the pantera I mantioned earlier

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Yes she is, look her up, you may like her

Hecate/Hekate is the Greek goddess of magick, witchcraft, the moon, and crossroads. She is one of the deities given the title of Phosphorous, or “torch bearer” in Greek mythology. She is extremely powerful.


I really didn’t expect to be visited by any kind of entity or to be directed toward such a deity
Especially not a goddess wich apparently has so much ressource…
I was just trying to have an OBE man…

Okay that’s a lot to process at one time, also does anyone have some kind of work done with her or in the greek mythology that could steer me in some direction ?

I’m currently gathering some info on the net but I really have no basics whatsoever in Greek magick, I just know the basics of the Greek pantheon like everyone else


Hecate is all over this forum. There are many here who work with her, and she recently presided over the Magical Friends With Benefits group as patron. If you type her name into the search bar, I’m sure you will come up with a lot of information.


I think I’m embarking on something wayyyyy more bigger than I thought with this meditation :sweat_smile: :joy:

TL:DR Failed attempt to OBE tranform into linking with an overpowered goddess :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Okay after some looking out I think I might understand why I saw a black Greyhound person it’s geeting freaky how peticular those things came into my mind at that moment…

So it seems like it really is my first time getting channeled by a deity I never thought I’d be the subject of that kind of things I feel a bit freaked out at the moment and indeed @DarkestKnight the forum is full of things about her I don’t even know where to start and what to do

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As Azazel said to EA Koetting, as quoted in the Book of Azazel: “Have you not considered that perhaps there is a work at hand that transcends your desire to see into the Mysteries? Have you considered that perhaps it is the work of the Mysteries to understand you?”

Sometimes, the gods come to us, rather than the other way around, my friend. While you don’t have to answer Hecate’s call, it is always and forever your choice to make, I would reach out in meditation, and try to talk to her. She has made first contact, which means she is curious about you, so the least you can do is find out why, and then decide from there if you want to work with her.


Thanks a lot for the answer it feels like a breath of fresh air

I’ll be for sure looking into her and try communicating…a first contact like that I can’t overlook it !
It’s like my first real personnal contact I’m becoming more exited about it than afraid
But man once again…I was just meditating and doing my daily attempt to have an OBE…f me it I feel like I never felt before even my other paranormal experience feel little next to this one…