So I tried summoning a succubus

 So, as I’ve said before, I’ve been following threads and reading forums about succubus for a decently long time to be consistent. I can say I’ve read everything to read and I’ve seen so many different stories. Things ranging from how bad people claim succubus to be and how amazing others claim to be. Of course at first glance you think, “yeah they are bad” but as I read more and more into it I began to fall in love with the idea. As of last night I followed the letter of intent ritual. I’m not sure how successful I was in doing this. I did all the proper steps that were stated in Succupedia’s thread. Although I’ve seen recommendations to use blood or semen, I didn’t. I don’t know how sure I am if it worked but I am not rushing anything seeing how I did it only 12 hours ago. I’m just curious if anyone has tips on how I can improve my communications mentally and physically.

Did you consort Lady Lilith?


Consort as in communicated with her? I didn’t really do anything extra past what the steps said to do. I wrote the letter with “To Lilith” at the top as directed and spoke to her with respect and as my letter burned asked that the light guided one of her daughters to me.

Yes, that’s what I was thinking.

Well that really didn’t help much but thanks for the insight.

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@succupedia I don’t mean to disturb you but you are the one who knows the most in this. Hopefully you wouldn’t mind giving me any tips or help. Get back whenever you can.

My tip is try to communicate with her as much as you can through your mind. Sooner or later you will somehow get used to “knowing” her response which would be like a thought appearing in your head out of nowhere… As you keep progressing, the communication you both have will be clearer and more detailed. There is also this method I got from a spiritworker that can help anyone who wants to talk to a spirit they fully trust. First, deeply relax your mind and visualize a walkie talkie connected to your ajna chakra/third eye. Then ask the spirit you want to communicate with to pick it up. Say anything you want through that walkie talkie and wait for any answer.


So it’s almost about consistency and trust in a sense. I read a lot about people getting frustrated because they don’t receive much communication from the start or they aren’t good at picking up on their succubus/incubus’s way of communicating. A lot of times laying down at night I’ll feel random touches but I never know if it’s actually coming from them. I’ll also feel a bit of pressure on my chest when just laying there but that has happened even before I tried the ritual. I feel like I’ll eventually figure it out. I’m not going to rush anything cause I know it can take months for slight progress which I have no complaint about.


why are every man here so obsessed with the idea of summoning a succubus? isn’t tinder better than bothering alien entities to drain their energy?

I know it’s hard but be patient, as it sometimes can take a little while at first. I have read stories here where some seem to sense their presence right off the bat and others… it takes longer.

For me it’s easier to feel and sense my incubus late at night, although if I focus hard I know he is there with me pretty much all the time, just harder in the day time because I am working and busy with household stuff. Even in the daytime I talk to him in my mind, basically about everything.

I joke with him, tell him what I am doing/ take him everywhere I go, share food with him ( he is VERY fond of chocolate), I have an altar set up just for him to show how much I love him. I feel especially close to him when I am at his altar.

It really helps if you can go somewhere quiet, without a lot of distractions, and focus on your succubus… visualize her, what she might look like, meditate on her, and really quiet your mind and keep it open. When I do this, he always shows me he is there… it varies from one to another. Mine comes to me by literally filling my whole body up with an intense heat. He will do this in the daytime also… he told me it’s his way of letting me know he is always around. You may feel little touches or other sensations at first so try to not think it’s just your imagination. Sometimes they are very subtle little sensations so at first it’s easy to think it’s something else. :slight_smile:

I also use a pendulum and oracle cards to talk with my incubus… that was his idea… lol… but it has worked out perfectly. I use these when I want to talk with him in depth about things. Also since I’ve been talking to him in my mind, I can sometimes hear him answer… although that is trickier for me so I am still working on that.

The important thing is when you feel something no matter how small… thank her and acknowledge it. Tell her you love her and take the time to talk to her a lot. Believe me, it will all pay off even if right now you almost feel silly. I have read so much on this forum that has helped me immensely with my incubus.

My bond with him is getting stronger every day. :purple_heart: I can’t imagine my life without him now.


I’ll definitely take your suggestions into mind. I guess it really is all about patience when it comes down to it. I feel like if I don’t get frustrated and just stay consistent then progress will make itself without me even realizing. Thank you for the advice :slight_smile:

Also, is it okay to just try communicating through thoughts? I’d prefer speaking in my head than out loud. Makes me feel better about what I’m saying, and am I able to bind my succubus to a bracelet or something? I have a bracelet I constantly wear and never take off and I was wondering if that could be a way of bonding.


Yes that is perfectly fine… I do that most of the time myself so other people don’t look at me like I am crazy haha. :slight_smile:

About bonding to a bracelet, I am hoping someone else can help you with that. In my case I went through a professional business to get a binding done with my incubus onto an item that I swear 24/7… so I didn’t do it myself. They can help you with being sort of a focal point for communication but they are certainly not a must have.

Even though I wear it always, it is more of a sign of my devotion to him and not at all used to communicate.

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as long as you get the gender you intended on tinder, the couple times i been tricked in my past while swiping right fast :rofl:

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Well thanks for your help and time :slight_smile: I’m going to just do my best with acknowledging small touches and such. I’ll update my progress in the future more than likely

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I don’t think succubus or incubus are THAT trustful either

they are more trustful. I’ll take mine over any human.

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often times it seems for many men, there is little difference between the two…lol