So I think I saw a djinn

So last night I was doing a djinn ritual for money. I was doing the visualization, imagining darkness then a spark of creation and then blackness again while chanting. My mind started to drift a bit so I wasn’t fully focused while doing the opening ritual. I started to see something else in my mind, like people staring at me in the darkest corner of my room. I opened my eyes to assure myself nothing was there and took a few minutes to try to eliminate any fear or negative emotions. So I closed my eyes again when the visual came back. They had blazing eyes and were almost blending in with the darkness. They spoke to me and said they were here to help and they meant no harm. This was before actually doing the ritual. Nothing strange happened during the ritual and I didn’t imagine anything else after that. I didn’t confirm if they were djinn either so Idk if it was just my imagination running wild or not. But it was an interesting event none the less.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a djinn in real life . Or as others would call “genie” . May it grant your wishes while it feeds off your life source. Shit be careful man . :v: