So i think Andras is working but not as i expected?

So i preformed my first curse ritual with Andras on the evening on the 9th of this month i specifically targeted one of my business associates and uncle and his offspring…i havent yet noticed nothing in their lives .

However my other business associate and unlce whom i intended to target in my next ritual appears to have been having a string of bad luck since last friday the 14th

  • He has been beded with the worst case of tonsilitis( sterp throat) ever in his life ( accoring to his own words)

  • Last friday he was driving behind a truck carying a load of gravel when one stone jumped out of it and broke his car windshield

  • His new born baby doesnt give him or his wife a minute of rest the kid cries and cries and cries endlessly

At this point i must explain that both of these people have caused a great number of sleepless nights, a good deal of stress and finantial loss to my life these recent years im 28 y.o and i already have gray hairs so i intenf to put the worst curse possible on them both…but i was saving this one for last

Anyways i guess the curse is working butno on the person i intended just yet…what you guys think?


Is it possbile than Andras saw that one is more derserving of punishement than the other ???


satans_bastard_child you just answered you own question and I agree with that response.


He sure works fast


Any update?

Not yet this guy lives in an other country and i skype him once or twice a month but i’ll report as soon as i hear form him


So the developments have been better/ worst than i expected.

The guy elderly father ( 79 ) who lives back home , had been incapacitated for 2 years, on the 14 he was taken to the hospital with a severe lung infection and the doctors prescribed him among other things anti-inflamatory drugs of which one possible side effect is blood cloths, last saturday he had another stroke and passed away.

I could not be more pleased with the results so far but still dont see any changes on the lives of other people i specifically targeted and just this last week i came across new information on how this prick has been working behind my back.

should i repeat the ritual with Andras ??? or ask another Demon to deal with him ???


Azazel, Baal or Beelzebub.

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It can definitely be a sign that Andras is working on his job. It is very odd though why he did choose to work on these two people.
Maybe you should summon him again and ask him to explain?


Thank you very much :wink:

Well that is kind of an issue because u havent been yet quite capable of mastering spirit comunication.

This is really curious because that last unfortunate event prompted all of us 3 partners to meet and during our meeting i remembered how Andras works through discord so thats what did i sowed a little discord throught which the one partner i targeted in the ritual showed more of its true colours and the information he spewed has further confirmed my belief that he is the real problem ( the other one being just passive and not doing anything to keep the target from screwing up that why i was saving him for last) and that i was right in targeting him

Now i now for a fac t that at least in the past this douche used to consult with witches so maybe he has some kind of protection and the curse delected to the other.guy.

Right now im considering following almaerika’s tip and set of of her sugested demons on him


Hmm…this is very interesting…Maybe you should try to evoke a spirit for removing his protection then, and targeting him again with Andras?
Of course, you should do your part of the previous deal with him because it is considered “in progress”.
I have similar issue. I suspect that my target has a protection because my deal with Glasya Labolas still has not started to manifest. (It is still ongoing, I am not unpatient, but two months already have passed and no results so far, I even hear that the target is buying new furniture for their home; my target is very haughty though, and would not confess that he has troubles until they become too nasty…and I mean, reall too nasty…

So, I am thinking of a ritual with runes to destroy his protection first. Or evoking a spirit to do that for me.


You could also try Princes Asmoday, Belphegor, Leviathan (Dragon of Chaos). Lord Malphas is the one connected with instruments of war.


Thats a good idea asking fot removing his portection first, my target is also very haughty and not the kind of person who confesses to any trouble at… all very very proud and full of himself.

However in the begining of the week i got wind that his gambling adiction has reemerged a few months ago ( much before i casted the curse) a also a year ago word got out the the company he wroks for is going bankrupt as of this moment he has already 2 paycheck delayed.

So far the cherry on top of the cake is that yesterday the most vicious fight broke out between him and his wife, she is also verry haughy and used to never talk about anything private but now shes spweing out she has had it shes tired and done with his bullshit.

Ill be a little more patience and wait a little longer because this is getting definetely getting interesting lets see how the next weeks go


Hello, it’s been a while. Do you have any update from working with Andras?

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Its indeed been a while since last time i posted and i feel bit guilty about it , But the last months have been chaotic ( what else being Andras the God of chaos and discord)

That being said the only thing left to say is that my curse has been working way much better than i expected .

Its clear to the naked eye that those effects that took place on the non intended target were needed to set in motion what has been happening these last months, my business and consequently my life is now moving froward… chaotically, full of ups and downs but definetly going that way it should.

As for my intented target…well long story short his career is in the gutter and he is getting more isolated from day to day…people around him notice more and more his bullshit and leave him alone , further more he has been complainign about health ailements

I remember reading in several forums that sometimes Andras gives you the result you want but not the way you want it. in my case he didnt not give me exactly what i asked for it sure gave me what i needed and i am eternally greateful to him.

As for those who may be considering working with him if you value results over small personal sacrifices or if you’re the kind of person to whom the ends justify the means go for it.

Aproach him with respect and as friend and your results are guarentied


Thank you for the update!
I am glad you got what you asked him for!