So I need some help (introduction)

Hello, I’m new here and I want to start off with asking for help on everything included on this site. So I have done more research on all magical subjects for some time but I have no clue how to really use any of it. If anyone can be a guide and go from start to finish on how someone with no prior experience besides just researching these subjects can get to using magic I can’t say I’d appreciate anything else more.

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Well first of you need to narrow it down to what goals you have and what you wanna accomplish.
Like i wanna learn everything is a long term goal you need to dividera it up in small steps. But again you need to have a mor editioner endgoal.

There are a couple of ways to start depending on what style/system you wanna follow and that is something you also should think about, what seems right for you, Wickström, witchcraft, cermenonial magic, easter magic, western magic voodoo and so on.

Good start overall is to do energywork and divination. That builds foundation for later work.
There is tons of info om this site and on the web and there are a multitude of books that are build up like a how to guide from basics to advance studies. So first define your goal and then there Will be alot easier for us to give you good advice.


Use the search function for “beginner tutorials”. There are a lot of them on here and the mega link has a lot of options to get you started in the actual practice.

Is there anything that interests you?

Anything you aren’t interested in?

Where are you from?


Here is some info, I wouldn’t call these experiences, I have strong magical qualities but they do what they want, I’ve never attempted to control or direct them at or for anything. Mainly my mood is a HUGE factor, If I’m in a certain mood, that energy full on changes just about anything, the longer my mood stays the same the more the effect. Example, I was once depressed for a whole 6 months, I remember the energy very specifically, The second It was in range it felt like it just attacked people the first month , I would be completely silent but others would fall into depression and anger, the 2nd month it would cause people to attack each other randomly, the third it would cause rain and lightning to come every time I went outside. My area of interest is and has always been necromancy, I’ve never liked the idea of using the voice for magic but more so emotional energy, I’m not sure I can name a type of magic it fits under because I’ve found most of my friends who practice say they’ve never felt such dark, powerful, and unstable energy and they didn’t even know what to think, which is the reason my original post didn’t describe much.

Welcome to the forum.

If you have friends who practice, then why are you asking us how to do magick? Can’t your friends teach you?

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Well using your fellings and emotions as fuel is nothing strange but from your description its more like your emotions controlled ypu and not the other way around.
So you should start learning getting controll over yourself then so anything that helps build controll, thats one reason Why meditation is good and important.
Personaly i like using my voice as thats how i issue my Will but even i do that silent at times depending on need. So you dont need to use the voice but you can use your internal dialouge and intuition but as i said you need controll so the outcome becomes what you want.

As @DarkestKnight said If you have friends that are practitioner they should also be able to help you ofc depending on their level of knowledge and skill but they should be able to help you to their level atleast.

There are many post here about necromantics and suggestions of workings and litterature. But necromantics then is your endgoal, now put up some small goals on the way. As i said i suggest energywork and divination and meditation as start,ä. Energywork to feel, direct and controll energy, meditation to get controll over yourself and your emotion and work up your focus, divination also for energywork and to work on your intuition and astral senses and getting guidenc in decisions.

The hardest part in my mind when it comes to magic work is to put in the time for the basic since thats the most important thing but its not the ”coolest” thing to do.(;

They don’t want to, they’ve seen what my mood does let alone feel it, I’d thought they were familiar with things like that but apparently not my case specifically because it scares them.