So I managed to AP for the first time

I have the misfortune of living with family in a small home so I hardly get time to myself. However after a lot of learning to tune out people and TVs and lights turning off and on and such I managed to break free finally. Thanks to Lord Pazuzu and his patience or lack thereof whichever helped more… but he took me to show me how some of the world really works… is it such that one must be careful not to get caught up in a lot of the affairs of man? Someone turned on the news and he took the opportunity to take me to some of the places… I saw many people looking as if though they were marionettes bound in chains during the thing throughout… any thoughts? He didn’t answer a lot of my questions but he also said I kept fading in and out… but showed me with a stern look on my face… maybe to see how I felt? Any thoughts on why it is he would chose to show me that my first time out? What needs done?