So... I have to get into Gamaliel

Hello fellow witches and warlocks,

So today I woke up earlier than usual, and I decided to make the void meditation and a meditation for my third eye. I was half awake so I was more receptive than usual. I started hearing in my mind what I call mental garbage (just random ideas in the ether), and sooner than later I just drifted. While in this state I received the message: “To…you must enter into Gamaliel”

I think that Gremori was who said this, because I have been preparing a ritual with multiple demons, and since the moment I drew her sigil I could feel her presence, (I think I even got a mental Image of her).

It´s not my first time doing some qliphothic magic, but I´m quite intrigued by this. Also I think it is just the moment. Recently I decided to make some decisions about the direction of my career, and I think I started aligning with my True Will. So I think this is kind of a sign for Initiation, and again the time is right, just aprox. a week for the summer solstice.

So yeah…I have to get into Gamaliel.

I would love to hear your opinions and perspectives about the issue.
Best Regards,

Glenn the Ghoul

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Do you have a technique to travel into this astral realm? To tell about me, I have my sure way to learn astral travelling.

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Not exactly. I´m still unable to do astral travel (at least consciously). What I do is to bring the energies of the specified Qliphoth to me, and let it make it´s magic.

Sorry that I cannot help you with astral projection, but what I could recommend you is the book Astral dynamics. Even though I could not astral project, it helped me a lot to start with energy working and trance state meditations.

Written by Robert Bruce?
My way to learn astralprojection was to get
the Kundalini. It’s awakened but refuses to rise.
Maybe I’ll have it one day.

I was contacted by Satagraal.
Maybe he will help to learn AP.

How do you bring the qliphothic
energies to you? Evocation?
That would be my way.