So I got S. Connolly's Spirit Workbook but I wasn't completely satisfied with the layout of the workbook so I made my own template for a workbook and here it is

Here’s a template I made for working with spirits it has space for the spirits name, a circle to draw the sigil in, the kabbalistic correspondences, the planetary correspondences, the zodiac correspondences, the directional correspondences. As well as a invocation notes area, a evocation notes area, a pathworking notes area, a ritual notes area, a sensations and impressions area, a spirit channeling notes area, a ritual outcome notes area and much more.

You can download it here…

I would also appreciate some feedback on it.

Note from Lady_Eva: I checked with Ms Connolly personally, and she’s fine with this being posted.


Giving this a little bump since it was off the forum overnight while I checked in with the lady herself. :+1:

It’s a nice clean looking design, I can see it being useful for other types of things as well.


Thank you, I also plan on making a revised version when I get better software that will include elemental correspondences as well as I’ll be able to put a place where people can write down the date of the ritual being done the only reason I couldn’t do it when I made this particular template was because the software I was using was only the mobile version so it was limited in abilities


But as far as being done on my phone it turned out pretty darn well I would say.


Your work is well done. Thanks to @EvokeTheSpirits for doing this workbook. The septarchy star is very important and of course the circle for the sigil, the cardinal directions E S W N, enough space for notes and for outcome. Nicely done!!

And thanks to @Lady_Eva for her dedication and love for the forum

And thanks to @ S. Conolly for being great and friendly approach


Yeah honestly bro, the only reason I made this template is because I felt like her workbook was missing certain things but also had some things in it that you don’t typically need in a spirit evocation ritual. For example she put the tarot for the spirit but when you’re evoking a spirit unless you’re evoking it directly from its tarot I don’t see the reason to have that in there. And I really felt like the ritual outcome part was important and she didn’t have that in there either. And I mean no disrespect to S. Connolly for saying that because I love her books I just felt like the workbook could be improved just a little bit you know. So I made this template for you guys it took me 2 hours because I had to make it on my phone using a mobile Word document app and there was a lot of tinkering to get the document just how I wanted it. I will be making a revised version of it that includes elemental correspondences and a place to put the date that the ritual was done on. But the final revision is going to be on my Etsy shop which I’m building but I’m only charging a few bucks for the final template because I want everyone to be able to afford it. But let me know if you guys are interested in getting a link to the final revision that’s going to actually look a lot neater than this with just those two changes and I’ll post it here if I get enough feedback on that once it’s done being made and the shop is up.


Update: I discovered the best way to organize these papers if you’re going to use this workbook that I made that is to get a three ring binder and the poly sheet protectors that you put the papers in. And you get dividers for the binder and what you can do is when you fill in the ritual on this workbook and you can actually put all 12 papers in one poly sheet protector. And then you can divide up the rituals by the spirit that you’re working with with the binder dividers and then it’s like you have your own grimoire book. But you’re able to have all 12 workbook papers in one sheet protector so that you can have multiple spirits you’re working with and different types of spirits in one binder I wish I thought to post this tip earlier.