So I got a reading done

Yeah so basically I got a reading done a couple days ago and I’m still thinking about it lmao. The person who did it is a practitioner of Voodoo (something I’m thinking about following) and is very accurate. Anyways, the only thing that’s on my mind is that she said someone is attempting to mess up my life (love life), but that’s a big story i’m sure no one cares about lmao. She also confirmed a few of my own readings that i’ve done (on myself) so it’s nice to know something is working. But yeah, I am so mad at myself because I was at work when she called (all my fault, I didn’t realize I worked that day) so I didn’t have a chance to record it. It’s crazy when someone you don’t know can just tell you random shit about your life. But I just wanted anyone new to this stuff (like myself) to know that they should get a general reading done by someone they trust, especially if you’re iffy about anything.


don’t they always say that and then offer you the solution which involves a ritual which costs money and leads to another ritual and then another etc etc. Its standard form.



And thus., bingohandjob has opened thine eyes, OP.

Let the brother receive the Light!

On a serious note, if you are concerned that she may be correct, and that there is some danger to you (spirituality speaking) it would pay to have other readers do a quick reading.

It’s also possible that she saw some unconscious tendencies you have that are manifesting as thoughtforms, to mess up your love life. Its actually very common.

Could you pass her number along to me? I have been trying to find someone to do a reading who practices voodoo.

That reminds me of my first reading. She told me someone was trying to curse me so I should bring her a large piece of gold, this was in nyc and I didn’t trust her at all. It’s sad somebody try to rack advantage that’s why when you find someone good stick with it

i get emails of readings every week n she is always spot on glad u got wat you needed

Sorry for the late reply, but yeah I actually got it done by a mambo that goes by the name ThreeHoodooSisters. You can find her on Instagram or Youtube, with that being said, I don’t recommend her unless you truly believe she’s not trying to scam you (because of your experiences in the past). I do wholeheartedly believe she gave me an honest reading though, and I (personally) like her personality and energy.

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Yeah lol that’s true. But, she didn’t recommend another reading or anything like that. She just said protect myself and burn some reversal candles.

I looked her up. I like her videos, thanks! I’m going to do a reading with her.