So I got a crystal ball

Six inches and ten pounds of crystal in a sphere. I’m gonna consecrate it under a full moon and some other shit to make it awesome.


That’s nice :heartpulse:

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It is. I’m getting somewhat passable at scrying, although I haven’t used it yet. When I do the thing and make it OP, I’ll be like the CIA watching the people with their minds.


Hell yea :metal:

Yeah, I actually eyelid scryed someone I was in a voice chat with and accurately described their physical features.

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Step 2 shifting reality through observation and projection of personal symbolism into the observation.

It looks beautiful,since I am new and I won’t be able to proable hear the demons/gods I have a spirit board to use so hopeful that is okay.

I’d recommend doing meditations to clear your mind, then when you try to communicate with the entities, any thought that pops into your head can be scrutinized to determine if it is your thought or them saying something to you.

Also, practice visualization.

Once you can accurately visualize a location you frequent (like your workplace), you can then try to visualize the areas surrounding that location, then the areas surrounding the areas surrounding that location. At that point, you take a walk to see if your visualization was even remotely close to what you were trying to visualize.

So cool

Look into the crystal ball deeper, deeper… Attractive, the wood stand is nice also.

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This topic is very interesting for me, can anybody tell me for what purpose we use crystal balls ?

i heard, in witchcraft the witch use these balls to view their victim and keep an eye on their activities, is it possible & true ?

Can someone shed light on this ?
I just want to know, not interested to use the ball for any purpose…

They are used for divination, like scrying. That’s basically it. No ‘victims’ or whatever, you gotta stop watching so much television.


I have one too. You can also use it for mere meditation, practice your concentration.