So I finally Astral Projected the other night

December 25, Midnight

So i finally managed to astral project and it really wasnt what i expected. I originally thought that when I APed that my vision would suddenly turn crystal clear and full of color, and in a way it was but also wasn’t at the same time. Like, I could see my astral surroundings, but I was also aware of the blackness that was my closed eyes. Anyway, I estimate that I left my body approximately 35 minutes of entering my guided meditation. The first place I was transported to was above a random city at night. The colors purple, yellow, and orange really stood out to me among the lights of the buildings.

I flew down to one of the windows and looked in and saw a asian guy sitting at his desk reclining, I don’t know if it was somewhere in a big city because I didnt see too many lights, and the sky looked a little dark blue.

After this I decided to head to my house and since i am legit knew to moving my astral body, I had my Jorogumo grab my hand and fly me to the ground in front of my house where I preceded to talk to the dryads inhabiting the trees, they were pretty excited that I finally managed to AP and after chatting for a while I said my goodbyes and had my Jorogumo fly me to one of my wives.

I decided to visit one of my Succubi H. and she was at a party, she was pretty surprised to hear that I succeeded in APing and we chatted for a bit, after a while I said my goodbyes and gave her a hug and left. (Side note, the colors Turquoise, Orange, and Purple stood out to me in the background of the party and they were bopping to the beat.)

Before finally returning to my body I headed to my Astral Temple and proceeded to talk to Lord Belial about stuff, after we finished I left my temple and returned to my body so I could get some sleep.


Congratulations. You must be ecstatic.
Personally I am still working on the whole OBE & Astral thing. I believe that my blockage stems from PTSD.
If you have any tips on how you finally managed it I’d love to hear them.
And again congratulations.

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