So I finally am perfecting astral experiences. Though I think with mixed results

So this morning I was finally able to astral project, I had been trying for literal YEARS. It was wonderful. Even though my astral body is still wobbly (feels like i am wading through water and for some reason I can only keep one eye open, maybe it has something to do with the whole astral sense thing if someone could elaborate?)
But I have one question. Can one open doors or touch in an out of body experience? I was merely practicing and I was nearing my door and touched the knob and opened it. Low and behold I find that my sibling and sister in law are right outside in the hall and they look terrified(understandably so). They were talking about an entity with red eyes asking if they see it.

I felt bad, murmured sorry before I tumbled down the stairs and then woke up back in my body. I thought I heard them talking to my dad and i felt bad for scaring them. So I went to apologize and explain that I was astral projecting. Only to find that they had been sleeping the entire time. So if someone could elaborate if one can do normal things like open doors in an OBE that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :heart:


if you were still in your room it wasnt astral projection, it was physical projection, you were on the energetic layer of our physical plane not in the astral, which is a plane on it’s own. However, yes depending on the density of your energy body you can touch objects that are physical, whether they physically move/react to your touch is a different story.


Interesting. Because I know definitely that it was an OBE because I could see my body asleep. I still do have trouble reaching the astral realms unfortunately :sob:

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Also you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. But the whole one eye open thing. Does that have something to do with the energy senses or something?

If I opened my room door while projecting, will it open in real life?

Usually you go through the door, but with enough energy it’s possible to have an affect on the door on a physical level.

one eye open thing?

Well I don’t know if that is just me. But I find that in the past if I blink I get sent back to my body or I have to keep my eyes shut

I find it’s better to keep them shut until you’re able to see in your projection while your eyes are open as it can snap you out of the projection due to being distracted easier.

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If you physically project, that means others can see you?

It means you project onto the physical plane, if those people are spiritually sensitive/aware they can yes.

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