So I did an pseudo-alchemical thing

I used planetary energies and alchemical associations to temporarily alter the colouration of the irises of my eyes. Basically, with only meditation and visualisation, I made an actual physical change to my body.

I wanted to put a silver ring just inside the outer edge of my iris, to see if I could. I first filled my eyes with solar energy to be used as fodder for transformation, then I flooded them with lunar energy (because the moon is aligned with the metal silver) with the intent to enact the change I wanted. I phrased it as “enact the change to last until I decide to undo it”.

For a first real attempt at changing my physical being using occult stuff, it worked out really well.


Before and after pics would be pretty cool, for future reference. :grin:

I wonder if this is applicable to things like pupil dilation size.

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Eh, probably. All I know is I had to do some mental gymnastics to make it work like an alchemical thing. The one thing alchemy is good at is getting solid results, it’s not very flexible unless you get really creative though. I don’t claim to be an expert on alchemical stuff however.

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