So I came back

So I came back. I left the LHP because at the time I wasn’t looking for personal power, more like personal growth. I’m a very humble person on the quest for enlightenment. Power, money, sex etc are things that just don’t appeal to me. I live a pretty disciplined life. Meditation, etc.

this is more my philosephy. As a chaos magician, I always just wanted to play with my brain, my conciousness. I wanted to know who and what I was. Why I was. But here’s the kicker, I’m dark. Im attracted to this. So my question is, how can this help me? My goal is ultimate gnosis not “things” and power… Can the demonic forces do that for me? I feel like this is just something I have to face. My own darkness. So can you guys suggest how to begin? Some good books,? Thanks in advance.

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Brain Magick by Phillip H. Farber - experiments in hacking your consciousness.
Evoking Eternity by EA Koetting - not only does it provide a great system for the evocation of discarnate intelligences, the provided demonic pathworking for Ascent is just what it seems you are looking for.


Wow, it’s on my Kindle unlimited too

Ty so much Darkest Knight, im gonna start that tonight. ^^


The pathworking is in Chapter 6 :slight_smile:

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The left hand path is about becoming a separate, independent deity. Both Magickal paths are hard and dangerous. Our path attracts a lot and looses more by way of attrition than traditional right hand path (Magickal) groups. I recommend Stephen E. Flowers Lords of the Left Hand Path (in paperback) with at least a couple of different coloured markers and ruler.

Hope that helps.




The most ancient souls are of the chaos…
the darknesss… Sophia herself… Mother
Earth… Mary, Morgana… Lilith… Hecate… Nough said…

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You didn’t mention Naamah!
Anyway, don’t feel ashamed (or not for too long) and just remember Her next time.
[I’m joking]

P.s. What happened to all the Satanic Low Priestesses? Even now I still dream about finding me a Satanic Low Priestess - a really Low Priestess. As a matter of fact, I would really love to work with Satanic Low Priests - real dirty-hands, live in the pedestrian world guys.

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What is a priestess of Satan Truly?

I’m on the same path as you, I’m not primarily attracted to power, money and sex. On the other hand, Satan’s unceasing call in spite of everything. However, I have not understood how to contact you or the members I am interested in. Thank you

You will need to do one of the follow to contact members- become more active, so that personal messages unlock for you, as you are still at the very lowest trust level. The next level is not earned by time- it’s earned by being active, or request the members message you- by replying to their posts, or asking @Lady_Eva about it :slight_smile:

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I’m actually the same way, I don’t really care about money (as long as I can get by) or sex (I’m more of an emotional type person), or power related things.

Meditation and spirituality are big for me, as well as just trying to live the best life I can - which isn’t easy.