So I asked for some regret spell or ritual

I asked it because your nickname sounds pretty Portuguesish, but then again, Spanish and Portuguese are almost each other’s dialects

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My understanding, and correct me if I am wrong, but many traditional forms of witchcraft (or so-called traditional, since such claims can’t really be verified) included baneful magick for protection. It was understood that such magick should not be used unless necessary, but it was included in their repertoire nonetheless. Seems like too many wannabe witches were still brainwashed by RHP theories, and tried to fit witchcraft into a more socially-acceptable RHP-compatible model. Which is a perversion of witchcraft.


I know, there are a lot of brazilians in my city and I have meet a lot of gatas y gatos around here lol

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I think there is no logical way to reason with those people. You can talk to them about history, and how religion was a political way to enslave people around the world, and the reasons behind it was another type of power (not the power of love they think they claim to defend)…and how in the excuse of “love” many genocides happen and how we still suffer from racism and colonialism because of that type of “spirituality” (which I think…is not the end goal, but to enslave people)…
You can talk to them about how disrespectful and even racist is to criticize vodoo, or hodoo or santería or any spirituality only because they see it as a practice of “barbarian people” and that was taught precisely by all the colonialist and racist religions so people didn’t felt bad about the genocide and exploitation for those “barbaric and primitive people”…
You can talk to them about philosophy, psychology or even just plain empathy or sympathy for another human being, but nop…they are not interested in thinking or in helping others, not even themselves :woman_shrugging:t4::woman_shrugging:t4:

They are just the same as any dogmatic religious people I have met in my life, and I don’t understand why they call themselves “witches” is almost an insult to me :woman_facepalming:t4: