So about summoning spirits

I was wondering if i was to summon and or invoke a specific being,would i need to know exactly what that spirit looks like for correct visualization?

How much must i know about a spirit before i can summon that spirit?

Im guessing just by visualizing a spirit and willing it to be summoned,that would be enough for successful evocation plus maybe using the name of the spirit like a mantra. Can summoning a spirit just be a quick simple meditation?


You don’t need to know what a spirit looks like at all, especially because they come in different forms to different people. You don’t need to visualize at all. It helps but it’s not necessary. You might find a lot of magic is mostly “it helps but not necessary.” You typically need the name of a spirit you are specifically trying to evoke and preferably a corresponding sigil or seal or pentacle, but the suggestion is extremely flexible. “Spirit(s) of Jupiter” works just as well as “Hismael” but Hismael performs more specific tasks compared to just any Jupiterian spirit. I have no idea what any of them look like, I don’t have all their names, and I don’t visualize them. Part of the reason we have any names of spirits is because magicians called out and collected their names and sigils without knowing them prior. That still happens today, too, but many tend to keep those details private.

There are certainly spirits out there you can contact for simple meditation, and there’s no harm in asking spirits for such. Many spirits can be contacted with minimal effort. Most spirits I personally work with are certainly kind enough to appear with just a thought, but I’ve also had a rare few who do prefer the sanctity of a drawn out ritual. I usually prefer the ritual anyway as a sign of respect. Mostly the answer to all these is “try and see what happens.”

If you have a specific spirit in mind that doesn’t have a “name” then anything that you associate with them is enough, i.e. any title they go by or one you give them, or if you prefer visualization then no words necessary if you conjure an image associated with them in your mind (helps with those who are with nonverbal).


Thanks. Im guessing this should work the same for invocation.

Pretty much :+1:

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I don’t have any astral,psychic,or magickal senses though so hopefully after an evocation,me and the spirit can form a telepathic connection for communication. Also plan to try invocation but i don’t know how spirits feel about just some dude randomly invoking them whenever least expected.

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Pretty much everyone is just “some random dude” to spirits before developing a relationship with them so there’s no worry about that. And plenty of people lack clairsenses (sometimes called godphone) and are still perfectly fine at practicing spirit work. Don’t worry too much and just dive in :+1: you’ll find your specific preferences eventually.

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I actually don’t think i ever thought of asking spirits to help me do magick meditations but i think thats a great idea. I was actually thinking of making a meditation which works as an alternate method of evocation and invocation.

Im really interested in invocation because even without the actual skill to see spirits,i believe that won’t make a difference if the spirits are inside me. As far as i think i know,invocation is really just intentional willed partial possession.

Almost all spirits can teach many skills, including meditation and magic. Anything you can think of, really, there’s a spirit out there for it.

And yes, that’s what it is, invoking the power of an entity within you, versus evocation as the being being presented to you. Invoke = Internal, Evoke = External. It’s a means to temporarily obtain their qualities such as courage or strength.


Awesome. “Anything you can think of really,there is a spirit for” so know any spirits that might like to teach me Japanese just for fun? Or maybe a spirit with a lot of computer and technology knowledge to offer? I recently actually probably just up to an hour or two ago discovered there is a spirit called Forneus who is said to teach languages so might try coming into contact with that spirit. Or maybe just any invoked Japanese spirit can speed up my learning of that language. Like first invoke a Japanese spirit and then listen to Japanese songs until knowledge just finds its way into my brain.

But is it possible to accidentally and unknowingly invoke an imposter or a fake?

Also i know probably “helps but not necessary” but i wish i could remember atleast one spirit sigil i see. Like taking a photo in my mind. I think having a memory of some sigils saved in my mind would help me a lot.

Try Ronove for matters of language.



What if i try to invoke and or evoke a spirit with the spirit’s name but several spirits have that same name? Okay i know you said just dive right in,i just like being prepared for everything. My guess is my intention will determine which of the name sharing spirits gets summoned.

@anon90630295. Thanks. How is that name pronounced?

There’s no need to remember the sigils. I just keep a journal with them and make permanent paper medallions, consecrated in ritual. You can save them on your phone, also. Yes there are spirits that can help teach you languages, Ronove and Forneus being two. Though I’ve used a different spirits, I’ve learned Japanese, Latin, Norse, and a couple fictional languages (enough to hold baby conversations, still fleshing out more complicated vocabulary) with the help of spirits and my own work.

There are spirits who can teach technology also. I actually passed my neurology final a few years back with the help of a manifested pop culture spirit. The thing about it though is you still have to do the work. They’re teachers, they teach you and help you understand but it still takes time to learn and practice.

If there are spirits of the same name, your intention will help draw out the “correct” one, given you know what that is. Using alternative titles helps, also.

It is possible to invoke imposters, which is usually what rituals help prevent.

Names of entities aren’t concrete on pronunciation. There’s a demon I’m personally well attached to named Cimejes, which I pronounce as “Kee-May-Ess” though he also goes by Kimaris canonically, which I pronounce as “Kim-Are-Iss.” I pronounce Ronové as if it were Spanish (Ro-No-Vay ish) and generally use Spanish or pronunciation for most entities, but you can likely pronounce them any way and still get satisfying results. Don’t get caught up trying to over prepare. You’ll just stagnate and get nothing done. Magic is very flexible.

You can also use creativity to help hone the skill you want. Cimejes is a demon said to “make men like him” which is supposed to mean “give men soldier-like qualities just like he is a soldier” but i asked him to literally turn me into a man. It’ll be a year since I asked him this, 9 months of testosterone, as well as I’ll be legally changing my name and gender very soon thanks to his help.

Spirits don’t give you, to exaggerate, the ability to snap your fingers and poof a fireball like Dungeons and Dragons, they guide you to make a fire from friction with sticks, which is work you still have to do but something you (probably) otherwise wouldn’t have known exactly how to do.


Ah i see. I must do the work but the spirits can teach me the way. That works fine for me.

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Its amazing to me that one person can learn so many languages while still limited to their physical biological brains.

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Just takes work to be a polyglot, really. I grew up learning English and Spanish, so I technically have the advantage of being able to learn it a bit faster than monolinguals.


The answer to that is yes…But typically a practioner reaches that point only with a great deal of practice with the regular methods of evocation.

I highly recommend this tutorial if you’re just starting out. @Kindraathe method of immersion in the spirits energies prior to the actual evocation is the difference between success and failure for many new practioners.


My god they say it’s so easy for children to learn two languages. Ive lived in the philippines ten years and my Tagalog is understandable, passable but I can’t call it good yet.



@Mike_Bee Thanks. And yes im basically an absolute beginner to everything. Nobody on Earth is anywhere near as much of a beginner as i am.

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