Snow Energy?

This is going to sound weird.

I was taking out the garbage today, and since where I live it’s cold and there’s about six inches on the ground, I decided: “You know what, let me see what I can do with the snow”, remembering Lady Eva mentioning that water is a liquid type of crystal. By that logic, ice and snow are solid crystals!

I thought: “Huh, well, it’ll probably take a long time to melt and with more on the way in a few days, let me see what kind of energy I can put into the snow.”

So I stuck my foot in it.

Upon concentrating, I was immediately blasted (almost off my feet) by a sudden whiteness that took complete control of my vision. I looked around, everything was white. It was ethereal, and different from TG sync- I was confused, shocked, and most certainly not calm.

When I pulled my foot out, the vision ended.

So, woah.

Any ideas for a working I can perform that uses the snow’s slow melting?

I have a habit of using the snow crystals to hold intentions and spells. Over winter they grow with energy, and when spring comes, the thaw releases them into the world

What kind of cumulative spells do you use? Just curious.