Snap me back to reality......... Whoa

Anyone who has read my posts knows there is a person i’ve been missing and wanting to regain a friendship with. I haven’t spoken to him in nearly a year. Not one sound, peep. Nothing.

We have a mutual niece (my BFF/his sisters daughter). She posts memes and such and i’ve noticed he will not ever comment on anything I have already. Goes out of his way to avoid it actually. Until today…

She posted something in relation to country music and how she was made fun of for listening to it. Said now “Everybody is listening to it now” so I comment “Not everyone”

Well… directly under my comment he writes “Everyone with three thumbs up” WTF… I can’t let this get to my head. But I smiled a bit


So is he saying you are no one?

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No not like that. I said basically “not everyone” is listening to country.

Where his comment was a poke kind of and basically “yeah everyone is” and he does listen to country as well.

To my nieces comment, his comment makes no sense. With his directly under mine, it does. (Ive known him over 35 years. He knows me pretty well in that regard lol). It was just kind of weird considering how things have gone since March.

On one note im like “dont read anything into it” on another it’s like he’s suddenly testing waters. I didn’t acknowledge it in anyway and just continued talking to our niece who replied to my comment.


Love - a neverending story :sunflower:


TBH… Love? I’m not sure I even like him anymore let alone anything else lol

He has a couple of things on him right now courtesy of yours truly. I just want an apology from him regarding his shitty treatment of me last year. I was honest and open with him and he just shut me off and kicked me away (after him going out of his way to speak to me and seek me out to begin with. Would love to say that was the first or even second time he’s pulled that crap with me (seeking me out and making a point of talking to me) But sadly it isn’t. Pushes me away, ghosts me. He hurt me a lot and he knows it.

I want nothing more than an apology right now. That’s it. And right now it feels kinda close… Trying not to get any hopes up.


Everytime I see updates to your story I’m like:image

Keep us posted, I’m so interested in what happens with this guy.


LOL Oh I will trust me. Haven’t been much to tell up till now. I have not acknowledged his post/comment in any way shape or form. I know that was directed at me in a “im gonna try and be sneaky” type of way. Total fail on his part. What’s weird is he never commented on a post of mine before even when we were talking. Like he was terrified of someone knowing we were speaking to each other. And now that. IT’S SO ODD.

Again im trying not to think anything into it. I’ve had a few dreams of him in it. He had stopped talking to me even in dreams. Just walking away from me or ignoring me. Then lately he began talking to me again in them. He dream walks. I don’t think he realizes it. One about a week ago I was talking (dream) to his sister (she passed away) and was telling her how he started talking to me. I barely got into the subject and she said “He’s scared”

Other than that not much really at the moment.