[Smol Grimoire] "Thoughts on Magic" [ENTRY ONE]

This is a recent entry that I’ve made in my lil’ grimoire. I made a few revisions from the original written, as thoughts can be very messy! Now presenting, my brain…

When it comes down to it, all spells are means to an end. Perhaps for the sake of revenge, peace, love, hope, confidence, etc.
Magic, may it be charged with ‘good’ or ‘bad’ intentions, will always have it’s consequences. Some witches practice purely ‘white magick’ or ‘black magick,’ which speaks for their own sense of morality. However, ‘white’ magic can be selfish, as ‘black’ magic can be used for selfless reasons.

In my eyes, all magic is ‘gray.’ Now, I’m not the only one who holds this stand-point, so I’m no one special for saying that.
With that being said, spell casting completely revolves around your true intentions. You don’t need candles, herbs, a fancy altar to your gods/spirits/entitities - as the magic is within’ yourself.

Those items only have meaning and purpose when given. However, it is absolutely not necessary. They may be used for symbolism, or as a way to focus on your intent - which, in the heart of all that you do, is what truly matters. Rather you have a basket of lavender, or a poppet full of rice; these items cannot compare to your will, which lies dormant unless you were to take action.

I’m by no means discouraging the use of ritual, but as said, it’s not always a necessity. Just go with what feels right, and follow your intuition.

Lillies can be a symbol of love and devotion, whilst to another practitioner, it could mean death. Meaning don’t just come out of nowhere, as they are a given. These givens change with time, and/or change with culture and/or experience. Nothing is the same. Roses, while are symbolic of love, could mean something completely different 100 years from now. Don’t sweat the small stuff, or rather what you are using within’ a ritual is correct - focus on the garden that is within’ your heart. Afterall, it’s all that really matters.

Evidently, I am a huge skeptic when it comes down to the spiritual aspect of most. Which in turn, allows me to take a more down-to-earth approach as walk down this path. However, if there is one thing that we can all agree on, is that words and actions equally hold a lot of power. What we say and do in the moment, matters, and has a great influence on ourselves and those around us. Which leads me to believe, that the magic is inside all of us.

That’s why we can take action, and be there for that sick friend, rather than pray away their illness. Which is why you can speak up to your boss about getting that raise, through the use of your words. You can lose the extra pounds, through the use of action and sheer willpower that flows within’ all of us. You most certainly can, through the use of action and thought, can get up off that couch and get yourself a cookie!

Spells are good for setting up your focus on your desires, and what it is that you wish to gain out of it. As we have come to find, that certainly doesn’t fall on a silver platter just because you will it to happen. You have to do your part to make it happen.

Ritual/spell-making is a good way to release your deepest feelings, and to set that focus up as a good way to reflect and look at yourself more thoroughly. Or perhaps more open to others in the sense of reflection and/or empathy. To raise your awareness of certain scenarios/issues, or to remind yourself of what you are capable of. It all comes from you, and what you put into it. No one else.

Magic can’t get your ex back, but what sure as heck can is simply telling them how you feel about the two of you (Depending on the circumstance. Sometimes, exes are exes for a reason!). This is one good example of how magic doesn’t always guarantee you a lifetime of happiness or the absolution of getting what you want out of a situation. You must think realistically. Magic doesn’t give you what you want - you do. Your inner desire drives you to chase after those goals. The odds are not always going to be in your favor, and that’s just one of the harshest realities that is inescapable.

Magic is a form of expression that comes from the inside out. A conversation between yourself, and what is around us. Whatever it is that you believe, this rings true to anyone.

~Smol’s Karma Spell~
May their wrong doings follow
Misfortune will befall
For their hearts are hollow,
and hath greeted Karma’s call
Death is not a consequence,
Neither is harm
Only the regret of their actions
Is their only charm

What is the point of this spell? The karma spell was created shortly after that I’ve heard of news that my little cousin was physically assaulted by someone else at her school. It was made to express my inner anger, and desire to see whomever did such a cruel act not walk away unscathed. I’ve wished karma to come back around to those whom have felt no remorse, which was made evident when the person that assaulted her went public to address the situation made that very clear. Remorse and regret are both common themes within’ the poem.

All spells have an end game, as most, if not all, have motives. They could be as light as wishing luck, or as heavy as wanting them to die in a car crash. These are expressions that come from the heart of the practitioner. What came from my heart was the raw need to see justice be done. It came eventually, as my cousin did fight back a few days after the fact. Am I a believer in karma? Absolutely. In the sense that it’s a living entity? Not exactly. Karma is cause and effect, and what comes as a result of someone’s words/action is a result of their own doing. Sometimes, it coincidentally comes in the form of “an eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth.”

While a ‘curse’ or a ‘hex’ could be just in the eyes of others, it could reveal something much more sinister about the one whom has created it. When someone says, “My friend put a hex on me!,” what they are really saying is, “This person wishes me ill-will!”

So, they ‘counter’ it with a protective ‘spell’ - or send it right back to whomever wished them that ill-will. It gradually makes them feel more at ease with their situation, makes them more confident; mentally and spiritually safe. Or maybe it has helped them relieve their angers, frustrations, or sadness

Magic is more or less rooted to reality than most people believe. It’s not what you see on television or in anime, sci-fi, etc. In fact, it’s much more real than that.

We ‘perform’ magic everyday with the cards we a dealt in life, which may come in the form of ritual. Brushing your teeth - it’s a cleansing ritual. Breathing - relates to the element of air, and keeps us alive everyday. Baking a cake - the usage of fire/heat to transform sloppy mixtures into a decadent dessert is amazing on it’s own! Stirring cream and sugar into your coffee to change it’s flavor and shade - you’re making it to your liking. ‘Magic’ has come a long way, and so have you!

Even the way you talk is pure magic, as it hold much influence. As do your actions. It can influence the masses, or even yourself. Not a lot of people like to hear themselves talk, but you’d be surprised about the beautiful (or nasty) words that come straight from the heart and out into the world! It’s like a fire, a flame waiting to gush out and spread.

I understand that there are people that would disagree, or otherwise look at this entry and say, “Yaddah, yaddah, tell us something we don’t know, newbie!” Maybe they’ll find it contradictory. Maybe they’ll find something that strikes a chord in them, may it be positive or negative.

They - these thoughts - are a physical manifestation of my inner desire to be grounded into reality. In the core of my heart, I wished to express these words on paper (now on the internet). These words could be picked up by another, and become either a great influence or an example of what not to say. That is the true magic of words, and the fact that this entry exists is the result of action.

The words didn’t just appear on paper simply because I “willed” it. They were once thought, and I merely grabbed my “tools,” and scribbled them into reality.

Oi, I’m just rambling at this point.

The heart of what I’m trying to say here is that there is influence in what you do. This influence would either bring upon a result that was expected, not expected, or just simply not in your favor at the slightest - because life. It’s not always your fault, so please don’t think that everything that happens to you is your fault. I’m not saying that. However, every scenario plays out like a scene in a play. Everyone has their part, and they can choose whether or not to act. Sometimes, their role isn’t the brightest. Even against the script. They improvise. What I’m saying is, what someone does is the result of their own actions - and their actions hold influence. The audience is society. You are the main character of your own play, and the world is your stage. Some people take advantage of it, in either the most positive or the most ill way possible. Bottom line, what they do, is completely on them.

You have the power within yourself to make your wishes and desires a reality, but know this - not everything is in your favor. It certainly takes more than incense or a gem stone to make that happen. While it’s not always a guarantee, you are in charge of your own destiny. Life can be unfair, but that is one of the harshest realities that one must face. No one is exempt from the consequences - may your actions bestow blessings, or curses.

- March 12th, 2020

As said, this is just an entry with a bunch of ramblings about my thoughts on magic, and the influence that one’s actions can have. These are just my thoughts on it. I’m not expecting anyone to agree, or surely there are plenty of holes in the argument. As said, take with a grain of salt, as this is just a personal opinion I’ve recently developed, and figure I’d let it out there. c:

Thanks for reading! I’m interested to read other perspectives!


What u say about magick is kinda similar to th way one of my mentors instructs me on the matter. I too am skeptical to the more spiritual stuff as well…most of it lacking a solid foundation in reality. The rituals being focus points is a really really good point you touch on. The work taken and put into it then seems to reflect how much u want it, and is sacrifice enough.

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