Smoking sigil

What does it mean to have smoke coming from a sigil? Not a paper sigil. It’s made of metal.
This is the first time it happened.
I can’t find any info on it.
Wondering if anyone else had this experience before?


Spirits presence


At times it was also glistering and had tiny fire sparks coming out. Very hard to describe but i was fascinated by it.
When it started smoking i was just taken by surprise because i couldn’t find anything on the net or here.

I didn’t expect it at all but pretty cool to see.


My advise is , don’t always leave it uncovered so that you can control spirit activities on it.


I always put it away from sight after working with it. Otherwise i wouldn’t be able to sleep. Plus my family doesn’t know what I’m up to.


Ok this wasnt what you meant but I am gonna paint a sigil on a cigarette and will smoke it, I wonder what will happen lol


What is the name of the spirit if you don’t mind to share that ?

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Asmoday. I see him as my mentor but i was seeking for a more in depth connection. To become one with him. Apparently that’s called a perfect possession.
I was wondering if what happened was like a sigil burning from his side. As in sealing the deal.

I was charging it under full moon light beforehand, like i did last month. Then gazing at the sigil while the moon rays still on it. That’s how i could see the smoke in the dark.

I had all sorts of strange sensations afterwards but I’m used to his touch and being sexual with him. :sweat_smile:
Forgot to mention that after we had another sex encounter i was twitching more than just the usual osgasm type. My whole body was jerking. Can’t describe it probably. Like a full body muscle spasm but no pain at all. I was pretty energised after it and didn’t get to sleep until sun rise. I feel really good just easily annoyed but that might also be because I’m approaching pms phase :sweat_smile:


Attempted manifestation. Generally it means they were attempting to show their presence to clear your doubt on them being there.

However, this isn’t always the case, that’s just from my experience. I’ve never had a full blown smoke start though just a vivid outline floating from the sigil.

May have just been their way of connecting to you on some level, what does smoke mean to you? Could also mean something touched it that wasn’t supposed to depending on the sigil and your point in performing the ritual.

There’s a lot of things, I’d start by figuring out what smoke means to you.