Smoke Behaving Oddly

Okay, so something odd happened last night. I wasn’t exactly doing a specific ritual…

I sat in my living room, and it was dimly lit. I had 2 candles and some incense burning. All I did was say the name over and over in my head. After about 20 minutes of sitting in silence, the smoke did something way out of the ordinary.

You know how you can blow smoke rings? Well picture that, but on a much larger scale. The smoke from the incense started forming a ring. It’s a rough guess, but I’d say it was 2 feet across in both width and height.

It just kept doing that until I broke my focus.

The entity didn’t present itself or address me in any way, but then again that’s not what I asked for. All I asked was that it let me know it was listening.

Needless to say, pretty much any shadow of a doubt that I had about this is gone.

Any of you ever witness anything like this?

Oh, and I know you’re gonna ask… It was Abaddon that I was calling.