Smells related to demons

Hello, I was wondering if anyone else has this to happen to them, while watching videos of people smoking, I can smell the smoke. I also smell things that are not there, is this any way related to demons?


Not the same thing, but I often smell sulfur/brimstone when a certain being is around me.


They could smell chocolate, lol, that would be cool :wink:

Its a very common belief and idea but what you describe has also been mentioned in relation to certain brain functions without the mention if demons or the paranormal. Sometimes it can also be related to some danger in the brain’s health, so you may want to read some more on that outside of the Occult context as well.


Yes and no. It’s practically how our brains work. You will know when a random smell is connected to a Demon once you smell one. Hint: Not all Demons smell the same.


Yup, that’s the one. :mask:

I’ve smelt candy and sugar like a sort of circus carnival smell cotton candy pop corn soda etc…

In my experience it’s not like they each have a signature perfume they wear. Scent is used as a form of communication and self expression. It’s not always present, nor will it always be the same.


When, what I call a, trickster is here I’ll smell burning rotten flesh before, as the nickname applies, they play a cruel trick.

Also what @Narsonix says applies too. I always smell something different when an angel or demon is around depending on who it is.

I don’t recall smelling anything from Goetic spirits. On occasion I get awakened in the night by a strong acrid smell that’s hard to describe. It’s always spirit related. the stench doesn’t go away until I banish the area.

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I’ve often smelled the scent of roses and always thought that it was a feminine spirit. Last week I got the book “Demons of Magick” which is a magnificent book, and in it is written that King Paimon comes with the smell of roses.
Sometimes I’ll smell a ‘wood’ scent.

I’ve never noticed any particular scent, but then again, I do have a tendency to really lay on the incense when doing evocations :mask:

I did once have a friend who spent a few months dealing with an unwanted presence in her home. One of the things that preceded weird activity was a stench that smelled sort of like a 3-way combo between garbage, dogshit, and rotting meat. It was very, very light, though.

I’ve smelled Gamigin only till now. She smells like wet soil, nothing unpleasant though.

Yes…our senses are used by spirits. Be it demons, human spirits, deities or angels to connect and communicate with us. A certain fragrance used to evoke a certain thought or feeling by a demon or spirit isn’t uncommon.

When the spirit I m in relationship is close I smell a great perfume smell it kinda smell of love…So i think maybe it also depend on the Spirit

You lucky bastard! And I bet you don’t even appreciate the smell of (fine) tobacco smoke. My advice is concentrate on watching people smoke Cuban cigars (Partagas Serie D) and really luxuriate in the aromas.


My parent’s house smells like sulfur all of the time. I’m not sure if there’s a connection, but my mom was told that there’s a demonic entity attached to her, so maybe that’s a cause.

Eshu comes around with the smell of cigar smoke.

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Interesting you mentioned him, I realised yesterday that he gave me a visit a couple of weeks ago.

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Dont know about Cigar smoke. Not a fan of cigerette smoke. I do know I love the smell of walking in a fine cigar room (unlit cigars) as they have interesting fragrances.