Slug or leech like entities

Ok so let me start with a little story, about a year ago I went to see my girl for the first time ever (long time online friends and we decided to try an us thing) spent two glorious weeks together and went home. Two weeks later I am told they think I am possessed and that I disrupted their wards. Swearing I’d try to fix it I ended up here and have been trying to find a way to avoid messing up the wards. Forgetting another part that I can’t find anything about on here, (though I’m on mobile so not the greatest digging ability) or on the web. They described black entities that looked like slugs wherever I had been. The ward thing I am still trying to dig on but if anyone can point me in the right direction about the Slug/Leech entities I’d be grateful.

I apologise if I did anything wrong in this post, if I have please tell me so I can fix it. Much gratitude from an aspiring practioner, Xel

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Sounds like parasitic entities, other than that I can’t seem to find any definite information on such an entity besides that.

Ok, any advice on how to deal with it? Being homeless I have no access to tools and have no privacy to even attempt a cleansing ritual.
Thnx for the response, Xel

Do the LBRP you can do it mentally!
You can do this too!


Archon parasites