Slowing yourself down

I know this question isn’t really related to what the fours is about about I’m sure im not the only one like this and am hoping to get some help here.

I am always going 100 miles an hour in my life and it’s been causing me to forget to do things a lot lately. For those of you that run your lives the same way, what are things you have done either in the moment or permanently to slow yourself down and enjoy everything instead of always rushing?

i feel you, dude
just keep reminding yourself every now and again to enjoy the little things in life
go for a walk in nature and really connect with it
meditate in a forrest if you have one nearby
chill in a local park
meditate there and really feel the energy from the trees and plants recharging you
really make time for yourself to recharge and try not to get 100 things done at the same time, but take your time with each thing

hope this helped a little bit

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