Slipping through the maze

I just got off the phone with a friend who -like me- receives a type of government allowance we earned by working fulltime for more than 5 years. About two years ago I heard on the news that due to the crisis they were cutting back this allowance from 5 to 4 years, but the details are completely vague and -of course- nowhere to be found on any official site. My friend however got her 5th year approved and then 5 months later gets a letter it’s been suspended again. I recently got my 5th year approved as well and am now trying to figure out a ritual to keep it approved of course.

The way I think it’s being done is: one government agency approves and another then checks afterwards whether it is in line with the new regulations. Retarded of course, but hey, it’s the government, can’t expect much else.

I’m fairly sure this is done manually, so I now want to make my paperwork ‘slip trough the maze’ so to speak. I’m thinking ‘confuzzle the dude that does the checking’.

I have the document stating it’s been approved. What spirit could aid in this situation?

King Paimon. Likely your paperwork will get lost and you’ll keep getting the money even after you’re dead.

You could try Paimon or Dantalion to make the person act in your favor. I would also supplement this with some “Money stay with me” work to keep the money coming and to help prevent them from taking it in the future, dress your documents in powders befor sending them off to be reviewed.

LOL, well I doubt it. This is one of those things for which you have to re-apply every fucking year.

I’ve not worked with Paimon before and I’m not extremely experienced (no evocations yet, just sigil magick) plus I have kids. Perhaps Dantalion might be a ‘softer’ choice? I have two highly sensitive small children and I don’t need a powerful demon fucking up my life.

Good idea about the ‘money stay with me’ work. The documents have already been sent, I got the call only today so… I’m not familiar with the dressing documents in powder technique. Would you mind elaborating?

Thanks for the input guys!

you could always perform away from your home, like say, in a cheap hotel or an abandoned building(my choice when available) and then banish, go home and banish and set up protection around the house, particularly your kids rooms…

You shouldn’t have any residual energy linger if you perform the ritual away from your house. You could banish after you do your ritual where ever you do it at but I don’t see the point in banishing again when you return home…you may also want to look into the goetic spirit Bune .

Personally I find Paimon’s energy to be extremely forceful and it scared the shit out of me the first time I worked with it. Dantalion is much more subtle in his energy and feels more cerebral and suggestive. Paimon’s energy is like giving an order and Dantalion’s is more like making the person think it was their idea all along.

As far as dressing papers you can either buy specially prepared powders or make them yourself using either talc or corn starch and add appropriate herbs and curios into it. As you mix it all together you focus your intent into the powder, if your able to invoke omnipotence then prepare the powders while in that state and focus on what you want to achieve feeling your power being absorbed into the powder. This is basically contagion magick when someone touches the items dressed in the powder they’ll be in contact with your intention and will.

Sprinkle some of the powder onto the document while calling out the persons name and commanding them for ex. “Bob Fakerton I command you by the authority of God/Satan/Kyra the embodiment of the Living God to approve my request, pay me now, keep my money coming. As I will it so shall it be!” or something to that effect. Drag your nails (just he four fingers) down the paper in wavy lines making tracks in the powder, this is like sealing the spell. Shake and tap off any excess powder from the document before you send it or give it to the target (don’t want to cause an anthrax scare lol).

Cool, thanks for sharing. Definitely going to powder my documents in the future. I live in a rural area, so I’m thinking I’ll give Dantalion a shot in the fields.

Goddamn, I love this forum!