Slipping into depression again have no one to go to it seems humans demons spirits angels nothing no one

Any one have any recommendations on spirits I’m getting enough “mental help” I think part of it is a spiritual issue either way it never hurts to have another human or spirit to back you up :confused:

Do some protection magick, check if you are cursed or if you have attachments/parasites.

If those are not the sources of your problems… try these spirits:

Tahariel - can purify your thoughts and emotional state, removing negative energies that cause confusion, fear or despair.

Nachliel - when you are suffering emotionally, call this angel to obtain relief and release from the pain.

You can find them in Angels of Alchemy by Damon Brand or any grimoire that lists the Angels of the 42 letter name of god.

Mystical Words of Power by the same author has rituals that help stop negative thinking, bring transformation, end misfortune.

For Goetia demons:
Bathin - To transform your current mood or way of thinking to one of your choice.


I doubt I’m cursed but parasites or vampiric tag alongs could be a possibility for sure especially with the places I’ve been recently and a few practices I’ve been doing could draw in these spirits aswell I never thought about that till now thanks for the revelation

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Surround your self with white energy for a few minutes to tune into it and repel other entities

Then focus white energy into each of your chakras for a few seconds each.

Followed by turning your while soul into white for several seconds.

This spell will clean you of all negative energy if you still feel negative after it then your problem may be your own not something psychic…

Maybe your missing something in your life you desperately need? For me it was passion and motivation.


Call upon Letanna, the Encouraging Angel, from Kingdoms of Flame, to strengthen yourself mentally. There is a mantra of hers that could help:


Omg thanks so much

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