Sleeping with sigal?

Could sleeping with a deity’s sigal under your pillow help deepen your connection and take on that deity’s attributes

Could there be any drawbacks

It can deepen the connection and bring contact in dreams.

It will not help you “take on that deity’s attributes.” That requires invocation.

Drawbacks include waking up exhausted, and strange dreams.


Okay, thank you for your reply

Right, but the stronger my connection is with a deity the more I tend to act like it

A connection is just a connection. It takes a lot more than merely sleeping with a sigil to take on attributes.

In my opinion, what you’re talking about is merely an enmeshing of the energy of the deity with yours. You’re not actually adding the spirit’s attributes to your own, as you would in invocation. It’s more of a surface coating.


Yes, obviously
I may have mis-worded that section
I imagine the stronger your connection is to a spirit the more powerful of an effect an invocation could have, as you are more attuned to its energy

I agree

Quick question. If I put a sigil under my pillow will it effect my wife or anyone else that sleeps in the dame bed?

Yes, it could potentially affect your partner. It’s an open energetic portal flowing unhindered.


Sometimes after ritual I do it. Just to let a sprit know I’m interested in communicating if they are. Sometimes when I just want to invite a spirit (that I already have a relationship with) into my life a little more I also do it.

Get ready for the possibility of weird dreams and waking up sleepy like @DarkestKnight said. I don’t think anything more serious will happen though, in my experience it hasn’t. Careful what energy you invite in while your guard is down though.


As others have said, most likelly what will happen is wierd dreams and wake up tired…

And from my personal experience the dreams are not even related to the daemon or somthing usefull


You have to focus on it before bed and write down your dreams for best results.


Adding on to this a dream journal comes into handy as obviously writing down anything you remembered from the dreams keeps track of everything. Can’t recall how many times this has come in handy after experiencing strange dreams but still had it’s exciting moments around it. If it’s something worthy of your intention with the sigil, go for it.