Sleeping with a photo under your pillow

From what I read sleeping with a photo of a person under your pillow makes them think of you and I can’t wait to see how well it goes tonignt. If there is anything else I should do then let me know


Make sure to put your intention into the picture before you go to sleep.


So as long as i put my intention in it i could also make it so as long as the photo is near me the person will think about me.

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You may want to consider a domination spell of sorts to dominate the persons mind, to always think about you.

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Simply sleeping with someone’s picture under your pillow won’t do anything.

If it did, then every schoolgirl who sleeps with a picture of their celebrity crush would be sending dreams to their fantasy lover, or everyone who ever cried over a lost love and cradled their picture would bombard their love with images of them.

Humans have random thoughts about others people they know all the time. You would have to add much more to your spell than just putting an intention into a photo if you want the person to think of you in any way other than a random image dump.

You’ll need to charge the photo somehow. Make a sigil, burn a candle, meditate intensely on it, evoke something… your reading has mislead you. Have you watched Asbjorn Torvol’s love spell video? It pretty much picks this apart.


Thank you everyone for the advice :slight_smile:

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You put your intention into the picture of the person first. You can also charge it with your sexual energy by masturbating while your hand is on the picture, and visualizing the sexual energy you are charging the picture with actually reaching them. It really does work.

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Scribble Dantalion’s sigil on it, and meditate on that for awhile then ingest some mugwort and kava kava.

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how long before you eat kava kava and mugwort infusion? It is to help a trance effect?

Before you go to sleep.
It enhances your dreams.
I wish it induced Trance.
Do you know of anything that induces Trance?

I’ve also used that method picture under the pillow but used a chant with it, a saying on paper with the picture wrapped in it, over night was to influence control over their emotions to get the person to listen and receive the help needed, and allow others in to help them.

How about putting a fetish item of a part of your own body on he picture? Blood, semen, vaginal fluid, skin, hair, nails, saliva, etc.
Would this help to connect your DNA to the person’s energy in the photo ?

Meditation … Self-hypnosis too. But one can also use the kratom (to deepen the trance state) and the weed (but with the weed the magic work is less certain).