Sleeping tree

I didn’t know where else to put this. But has anyone heard of through myths or legends or folklore of something called a sleeping tree? Thanks arianna~

The closest I’ve found is Cerbera Odollam aka the suicide tree. It’s in the oleander family. It contains Cerberus which can disrupt calcium ion channels in heart muscle. Can be toxin. …but the picture of it doesn’t look like what I saw. I fell asleep under this tree and then got really sick …astrally and physically like really sick. So I really need to find out about it.

I’ve never heard of that but it somehow rings a bell… can you do a lookup online based on things like leaf-shape, to see if there’s a physical analogue, and also, what was the location like, where you found it?

It seems like something to keep away from, to me?

Definately something to stay away from. Let’s see I followed a path through some woods or forest and then turned to walk the way the river was flowing. Then the tree was there reminded me of a weeping willow but with very bright colors. When I Google sleeping tree I just get some stuff about the elder scrolls. That’s totally not what I’m trying to find. I can definitely say don’t ever fall asleep under one!! Oh it had pink looking berry type things on it. I don’t know if that helps any.