Sleep paralysis?


I was wondering whether this is sleep paralysis or more…

After ‘waking up’, I sometimes find myself not being able to move, however I can speak (sometimes I can even shout) and that is it. No hallucinations however I think I saw a little bit of black and white noise pattern today and I think the door of my book closet thingy opened? Never happened before tho…
Anyhow, this happens from time to time and it’s not scary for me, more frustrating because it lasts for a long time and I can’t get out of it…
I never really see or hear anything though.

Does it still count as a sleep paralysis?
Why do they happen and are they important?
How do you get out of it?

Thank you!

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during sleep paralysis you think you can talk or scream, but you actually don’t
has anyone listen to you?

anyway to scape the sleep paralysis
consider this: all your body is paralyzed so you got only to moves that are not paralyzed
your heart beat and your breathing
you can not control your heartbeat even if you could that’s no worth for this at all
focus on your breath, start breathing each time heavier than before when you start hearing your own breathing you will be able to scape the paralysis

now besides that, sleep paralysis is a great chance to start working on the astral
cause your body is paralyzed so try to move your astral body stand up from the bed
and you can go anywhere

oh and according to some studies I have checked out
there are people who are more prone to sleep paralysis than others
and it happens mostly because of lack of REM state dream
the body needs REM rest , during this state the body is paralyzed cause you are un deep dreaming state
so if you dream you are running the mechanism of your body paralyzes your body so you don’t interrupt the dream by actually run for example
so when you lack REM state your body tries to force you to it by paralyzing your body sometimes in alpha state or even before.
so it is not a big deal
is just nature


The Tongue can be moved in sleep paralysis. For protection can draw a sigil with the tongue. Look for a simple one in case you will need it



Thank you both of you!

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A sleep paralysis??
Saw a black thing v close to me and i started screaming v hard, i could hear my screams (they were weird, i sounded more like a crow lmao) and it looked like that made the thing go away? It had horns, it was more shadowy and it took his lef arm to his head as if the screaming was really, really loud and it went away. Then i saw something too but i don’t remember it well.

I just woke up and i have a headache on the right hidzikhcgicohg

What tf was that???


Sleep paralysis is nothing occult, it’s your mind still teetering between wakefulness and REM state, so you’re still not done dreaming and it tends to blend with reality. You don’t really need any occult protection or any of the sort. It’s a natural occurrence.


Okay, but does it mean anything though?

It just means you’re managing to wake up before your mind is fully out of dream state. However, sleep paralysis CAN be used for projection if you don’t freak out during it.


Okay, thank you!

Often a sign of early astral projection.

Before sleep, rub your third eye area widdershins and a little heat cream doesn’t go amiss. Just a little. Massage for say seven to nine minutes - every night before sleep. You can massage longer if you wish. We’re talking blood flow to the third eye. And research Magickal Journals/Diaries, then get yourself one and keep notes. There are reasons.
And whatever you do: Enjoy!


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thank you:)

It can result from sleep apnea . The area of the brain that regulates sleep states becomes disrupted because it isn’t getting enough oxygen…As a result , u wake up paralyzed, full blown hallucinations as realistic as being awake. Can either be obstructive sleep apnea, or sleep apnea induced by a glitchy trigger in the brain . Either way cpap machines reduce it’s incidence. There are other sleep disorders like Narcolepsy that can cause it too.


Thanks for reply.

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Ok, but what if the person cannot breathe

I recently had a dream where in the dream I was being held down like as I in sleep paralysis couldn’t see anything but ended up buying it’s arm. Alo other time I had it there was somthing holding me down I asked it what it wanted and said the blood of my seed, happened 3 times that night until I played Binearal cleansing beats and lit some sage, the third time It happened I was able to punch it as it seemed like I was moving in while holding me down to bite me. Was weird cause it would happen from being awake as I try to sleep I never go into dream all of a sudden I just can’t move and it holds me down with bearly anything showing or an image of it. At least I never got scared just mad when it said blood of my seed no fuckin way I’d sacrafice a kid to somthing like that.

So op that’s pretty cool about the ounding like a crow makes me think maybe a spirit was talking through you at same time and it powered your voice or could have been you my voice changes alot but never like a crow sorta jelly.

if you cannot breath you die…


That’s just your adrenaline/fear. You’re breathing.