Who is the watcher?

I’m not sure. All I know is it watches around where I live from what I observed anyway. When it’s near you outside you will hear chains dragging on the ground/road + fills you will coldness when you are close to it or see it or its watching you. Never fills us with dread or fear or anything like that, just calm, cool coldness.

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Dude i wish I had a spirit like him in my life. To be honest I thought you mightve died since you stopped replying to the thread. What happened so far with everything?

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Nah haven’t died, just been working on myself alot and been dealing with imposters and parasites out the ass. I’ve learned alot more about skinwalkers aswell especially the ones around here, I don’t think they’re hostile towards me besides with nightmares that or I’m just protected. Because I have a second cousin who’s been dead for years who lived in the house across from mine, next to the field where I saw the skinwalkers, and theres alot of activity over there still. Anyways, apparently he could shapeshift + had a cloak + had very powerful rings that I keep getting dreams of now after learning about them. Wish I could find them. Right now all my demons are keeping away from me so I learn how to deal with shit on my own, the one I worked with the most gave me a very vivid dream on what to do when I’m ready, so I’m still working on myself until that point. I still get the occasional skinwalker walking around my house at night, watching me thru the walls, but nothing more than that. Even if they did become hostile I have a fuck ton of powerful wards that tend to explode physically when they’re activated that and a spear from their grounds I made and carved runes on and charged them. The spear also makes for a great grounding, banishing, and cleansing tool not just for killing them.

I think I’d posted before about what I believe was a SW, hide-behind, whatever you feel like calling them but I’ll do it again.

A while back, a lady friend and myself were engaging in some activities in the woods (area we live is lousy with civil/revolutionary war sites, old native Graves, etc.) We kept hearing an odd scratching and branches breaking in weird tempos. At the time we both said whatever about it, there was carnality to enjoy.

Fast forward a few hours when I get home, it’s laaaate, I’m sitting on the back porch unwinding having a cigarette when I hear laughter from across the fence. Raspy, staccato, just…wrong basically.

I ignored it with a “weird. Huh.”

And then it comes again, louder, longer, wrong…er.
Lizard brain engages and fight or flight says FLY YOU FUCKIN FOOL.
Noped inside pretty severely, still kinda regret not checking it out, but also feel like whatever it was followed me from the earlier site.

Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk.

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