Skinwalker ranch

Just got back from a pretty amazing camping trip near the infamous window area skinwalker ranch where I went with my freind and also Frater Apotheosis. We had hired Ryan skinner as seen as being the guide in the below video to be our guide on this trip.


Anywway I went out there for some very specific purposes that I won’t talk about here, but I will talk about some of the things we saw. The first night in regards to paranormal activity was pretty dramatic. Frater had gotten lost so I was just there with my freind, Ryan and his brother at one of the hot spots. I went up on top of a hill and did a meditation calling out to the entities in the area to give me information about the task I would do the next day. What I got was an internal vision of a being who looked a bit like swamp thing. While this was happening my freind said that he felt a rather large energetic dip in the area and also one of Ryans walkie talkies suddenly went nuts.Anyway after getting the information this being also told me we would get a visitor later. Awhile after that Ryan and his brother split up with us to go look for stuff in another area. About ten minutes after that happened my freind and I both saw a bright red sphere descend a nearby rocky bluff. We thought this may have been Ryan as he had a red light on his hat which he occasionally turned on, it also shot out a beam of light that seemed like a dimmer version of his laser. But a couple things didn’t add up, one was it didn’t appear that there was anything beneath the sphere, granted it was such a dark night this just could have been trick of the light. But also it seemed to be emitting light equally from all sides rather then a beam like Ryans headlight. Lastly it descended that bluff way to fast, the terrain there was not stable and it would not have been safe to do it that fast even with some decent light which this was not, also it vanished when it was about halfway down into complete darkness. I later asked Ryan if he came back and used the red light or the laser pointer in that area around the time we saw that and he said he had not. What is curious is the light seemed to be trying to mimic him and earlier we had been talking about the intelligences in the area being able to mimic things to a degree. Anyway a bit later into the night my freind spotted what appeared to be the shadowy outline of a tiny man on the back of Ryans car, I did not see this one myself but he said the figure waved to him and then ran off. The last incident of the night was when I saw what may have been a ufo off in the distance as a yellow light shot across the sky in a horizontal path before abruptly vanishing.
Overall it was a very interesting night.There was not a whole lot of activity the next day when I did the promised ritual for the entities at another location with my freind and frater, but the important thing is I got done with what I came there to do, and I saw some cool stuff in the process.