Size of cardboard/cloth for the pentagram in 1st exercise

Just to conform, whiletalking about the carboard todraw the pentagram, EA said ‘couple feet squared’ .SoI assume that’s the size of cardboard we have to use? Seems to be a bit too large to me. Any comments?

I guess thats ome will say that it doesn’t matter much but i guess I have this obsession with perfection/details.

Make a size that is comfortable for you, and that you can perform an adoration properly. if you see mine on my last post it’s from simple whiteboard used for matting photographs. Of course, make sure you use the appropriate colors/tones to make the pentagram “vibrate” or “flash” to enhance the experience in exercise one, basic oil paint and some thick markers will do the trick.

As far as perfection goes, there are no perfections in magick,only pure acts unto yourself and/or others. In Magick, you have to think like McGyver does, a paper clip, some paper, a marker…thats it.

I used a small black notebook to draw it on the front, my journal to be exact. The size is not important, it just has to resonate with you. I think that’s the same for everything in magic.

I realized how silly my post was, even before my posting it. I just have this nagging compulsion to be very specific, I guess thats the ‘technical me’ which needs to be put aside while the ‘magus me’ is operating.