Size of army

We create servators and armies. So Im just curious if anyone knows the size of theirs? Or is that something you don’t really keep up with. Just curious.


Mine is at zero. Fear me!:smiling_imp:


That’s means your so Badass you don’t need one!! :smiling_imp:


In fact so badass that this one haven’t named himself…:dancer:t2::smiling_imp:


I’ve been trying to acquire legions of servitors myself. If one legion is equal to about a 1000 men, then 50,000 legions is a lot of men!

My core group of servitors (acquired from many sources with the help of others) already exist they just need to be strengthened.

I would like an army of male and female defense servitors. Maybe a couple legions of Amazonian females. (Sorry, I’ve been on this Wonder Woman and Xena warrior princess kick lately.) And a harem legion of female servitors for sexual pleasure (nymphos).

I’ve already said too much. PM me for more info.

I have not heard an answer back yet after a PM I sent back.

And no one else seems to want to help me.

If you want to help, PM me for more details.

Otherwise, I will figure it out myself!