Sitri's Energy (And Observations)

The very first Goetic spirit I ever ritually summoned in my life was Sitri. I’ve read from a couple sources that some see him as female. This felt true for me because long ago during evocation, I asked if he was here and I heard a giddy little female “hello!”. It never felt strong or abrupt, instead kinda soothing and floating. His effect on people opened up a sort of “childish” nature to their sexuality as well.

I asked for more attention from women at my workplace by giving me an aura of seductiveness and sexuality. I imagined this energy flowing into my body. Women became noticeably more playful with me. One girl did things like frequent hugs and a jab in the rib, one time snapped my shirt. One would touch my arm as she rounded me. They’d stand pretty close to me when speaking. One would look up at me with wide eyes, kinda puppy-ish. A few of them would make silly faces and body gestures around me while telling more jokes, often of a sexual nature. The girls would also get playful with each other.

Some people may find this touchy, romp-like nature to be invasive. But I personally liked it. I wasn’t really “after” women, just pleasurable attention. It was light-hearted, playful, humorous, even kinda sweet. Nothing aggressive or predatory, more like a smiling tug with a wink. The subjects just wanna “play with you” like in one of those cheesy little sex romps.

Certain women would nonchalant mention personal things about their life or their body to me. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself a bit afterwards, suddenly realizing this was part of the mockery nature on women’s “nakedness”. Kinda chuckling at their open secrets. Again, not malicious, just like a brow-raise with a smirk.

Being of Mercurial nature, Sitri’s energy seemed kinda fleeting. Intense at first, but the effect slowly faded over a few days. Mars in Pisces hints at the pulling pleasure of things while Jupiter in Pisces is reaching passions. Moon in cancer can mean emotional potency but also indulgence in stimuli. (such as sensuality) This seduction can be either very scattered for lust or really fiery for love purposes. (not long term though) I’d recommend this spirit if you’re planning a hang-out and want things to get
interesting. Good for something like a little blunt party. :grinning:

I suddenly thought about him/her on the way home and wanted to write an entry for this joyful spirit. He/She was so willing to help and take part in things, even when not called for exchanges. I encourage (even newcomers) working with this spirit for quite the pleasing experience in life.