Has anyone worked with sitri b4? ive had a ritual dun on my behalf trying to get my ex back & feeling guilt & shame for cheating on me. problem ive bin having is sumtimes i still think bout her & wat shes dun & the asshole shes with. he belittled me as we went back & forth on FB. i put a curse on him. but im in the dark & dont know wats goin on behind the scenes. can sumone encourage me to lift my spirits up. i told sitri wen he comes thru 4 me that i will have a custom pendant necklace to wear in honor of his name. wat kind of incense does he prefer? thx to all !

Sitri works more with LUST. less with Love.

try Sallos, Dantalion, Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale,
love spells.

sitri is helpful with more like, i want to get laid situations and stuff.[/quote]

King Beleth.


Hey just a thought - if anyone’s recommending spirits on here, can you make it clear whether you worked with that spirit and got a result, or are recommending them because you’ve seen them listed in books (or thanked online) for being effective in these situations.

Both are fine, since we all know different areas of magick and have heard of different beings, but I think it’s more helpful to know when a recce comes from experience or from the spirit’s reputation.

Need sum help from experience members. i have bin summoning sitri to stir up a break up & bring my lady back to me;its been over three weeks now. i asked him to compel her to iniate contact wit me via any means so we can talk bout wat went wrong btween us. i wz expecting sumthing to happen in my heart today !. Question: would sitri be offended if i try commanding another demon for the task at hand? Or,is it to my best interest to use another spirit? which one do any of you recommend. Dani sed sitri is mainly use for lust & not instilling the love back . any input is greatly appreciated… Plz,dont bother responding by saying "move on,blah,blah,blah ! EA & waltyrs sed Im THE god of my world & I believe that I can get wat i want within reasonable means ! thx

@Lady_Eva this is a very old post but it seems to fit my bill of questions as of now. I’m also thinking of evoking Sitri to help with my ex situation. The thing is Pinoyboyz girl seemed yo be strong willed and completely against him. That’s exactly my use case too. Additionally, I have this feeling in me that my girl also has started to chat with someone else by now. It’s been just 3 weeks to our break up but I know her she always needs this emotional attention and had a ton of guys reaching out to her daily. So with me not in the pic as of now it’s not a far shot for her to start talking to someone else by now.
I’m saying all this because not that I’m getting a second thought if I want her back or not. I want her back and that’s the bottom line of it. I’m just trying to contemplate if Sitri will be the right spirit for it or not. Also, I dont want to wait for long. I miss my girl very much and I want us to reunite as soon as NOW is.

Please help woth your guidance.

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To be true to you… i would recommand you to work with Amon for reconciliation.

Sitri is more for pure sexuality, with him feeling can be strong but it goes with a twist… that is to say perverted sex.
If you call him to have your girl back, you might get her, but she’ ll turn into the filthiest whore you ever met…

As for Amon, you’ll reconcile and keep nice feelings. but remember why you are not together anymore, are you willing to improve? is she willing to improve? some spell only last a few month, and then you have to do the work by yourself and personnal improvement.

you don’t want her to be a zombie , right? you want her to love you for real?

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Yes I see your point. Trust me I’ve been saying this to her higher self since the day I lost her that I’m sorry about my mistakes and I will be a better person for her. Wjen she comes back I’ll cherish her and keep her happy. To this you also bring up a very important point. Is she “willing to improve?” Im not too sure. That was one of a big thing when she broke up with me. She kept on saying that I’m a difficult person to be with (she did have a point there) and kept on saying that I make her feel guilty all the time. She said that for any misunderstanding we’d have and if we’ll sit down and talk about it. She’ll start feeling too guilty about doing anything that hurt me. So you see how our intense love for each other ended up being our relationship’s Achilles Heals?
When she comes back is there any spirit I can work with to make her improve too?

well, i understand everything that you say, and still recommand you to work with Amon to smooth thing, and just to make her accept to meet you for a coffe/lunch/diner. an then you’ll talk.

now i’ll explain myself about why not to put a “spell” on her.
the love she had for you was real, and the “dislike” she has on you right now is real too.
love magic is the trickiest thing in this world.

first of all she is the only one to know if she wants to improve in the realationship, entities can do things but it is either make or break. when women leave with the reason she gave you, it means that it is almost " dead" , no spirit will make her improve unless it turns her into a zombie doing all the things you want but without the real will to do it.

now you can “force it” with a controlling /coercive love spell ( a love spell on someone who does not love you or doesn’t want to love you anymore is coercive no matter what) but then she’ll be with you and this is fake love, and the spell will fade and you’ll have to re-do it, she’ll be like a zombie, next to you but her thoughts are away, and the more it goes against her will, the more she’ll be mad at you, knowing that she already is, it can turn into violence. so… think of all i just wrote.

really it sound better if you just ask a demon to bring her to you to talk and improve the relationship if it is still possible than to bring her back in love with you in a forced manner.
of course you’ll be happy when she comes back but you see that it’s not natural and in the worst case scenario, the spell won’t work if her will power over you is too strong

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by the way, i am a psychic, i am talking precisely about your situation here, not random stuff

I see what you mean. However, all the talks we had she kept on repeating “that nothing too big happened between us that can lead to our breakup.” Yet her parents not accepting our union was the biggest reason she gave me. Saying that she can’t overlook that and will not be willing to invest her energy to repair our relationship as her parents will never agree for our marriage. That said I’ve seen and heard her parents being forceful and emotionally tormening her during the last two months of our relationship. Especially her mother who use to create a ruckus and superlative melodrama at home asking Kanika (my girl) to leave me and get married to a guy of her choice.

You see what happened there. Then one fine day I had a meeting with her parents and (as Kanika and I had always expected) they denied. We as a couple were theoretically prepared for one meeting denial and had thought we’ll keep on having those meeting with them until they agree for our marriage. However, in this first meeting one of her aunt who is well known to do black magic was involved and to my complete shock right after the meeting Kanika broke up with me. Now it took one week of constant calls even after she broke up with me (mind you, she was the one calling me again and again) for her to completely flip over to a point that she just blocked me from everywhere. Also, during this one week I had this constant foul smell following me. Now when I look back there are other tell tale signs I believe her aunt did something. Because even though her aunt was a part of this meeting for the first time. But she was informed about our relationship 2 months ago, when Kanika had informed her parents about us. One more thing, Kanika’s entire family is very much under influence of this aunt. Her parents do whatever this aunt says says.

then don’t you think then that the problem is the family and not her?
why wanting to put a spell on her if the family did magic?
the target of your intention should be the family then
-put a protection on yourself
-undo the spell they did
-and reconcile

Yeah I didn’t see it from this angle. Help me more on this please.

well… i’ll let you have a look on the site , you might find all the information you need and incase you don’t find…
we might look for someone to give you advice

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Works well with me. Laters then.


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