Sitri you fail me?

hi everyone worked with sitri these week i try to get a girl
but say no, maybe in another moment she say,
but i want know how can i know if sitri still working or not ?
or need a spell of love im a little confused

Try to summon sallos…

thanks for reply,Is it advisable to use the method of evocation that given us in the forum or do I need another one?

Use the method of the forum it is powerful I use it to.sallos will help you

thanks you very much, and another question Is the offering before or after to comunicate with the demon ?

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The offering is before the evocation offer to him red wine and say that when you evoke him and he does saw up “Dimitris have advice me to summon you forth please make whatever he ask you” and then ask what you want.

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i will do it, just the last question im sorry, i need a altar for this ?