Sitri to re attract an ex lover?

Does anyone have experience in working with Sitri to fire lust, passion attraction up again in an ex lover?

Use the forum search bar. You should come up with many results. You can also look in here under the love/lust Magick heading to read of people’s success stories with Sitri and other spirits associated with lust


Try someone new in your life? She/he is your ex for a reason.And also what @Verdo said.


Why is he/she an ex? Did you hurt him/her? If so - just appologize and express all your love and affection and readiness to make it right. Did he/she leave you for no reason, or any selfish reason that has nothing to do with you? If so - please curse the m*r and do not look for his/ her love anymore. Just as it is written in the Satanic bible - we love those who love us and smash those who don’t. No mercy! Good luck!

Actually the breakup was most of her doing. She screwed me over in more ways I care to write about here. I mostly just want her for the sex/physical aspect of our relationship because that was excellent. Other than that she’s not to be trusted and I understand that. When I was really angry about things I started using Andras’ sigil with a Psionics amplifying pattern. We were still in communication though not together. She was starting to get some serious health issues. I backed off what I was doing. She’s a narcissist sociopath. I understand that she’ll never really love me or anyone for that matter. I know it’s not so nice, but I want to dominate her and cause her to be sexually addicted to me. Believe me when I tell you, she deserves far worse than that for what she put me through.

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Do a lust spell for that.

There’s a small celebrity here in Brazil known for having used Sitri not to regain a past lover, but to work with Sitri in a way that would make her ex start thinking of her again, not to fire up love nor lust, and if I’m not mistaken, it took her more than a single goetian Ritual for this whole thing to work, but it did work and they ended up having a fling after it all, but then again, exs are exs for a reason, if you just want to have sex with her again because it was just that good, well, that’s one thing, but if you want to get back together with her again, try to think as wisely as possible, it MIGHT be a good idea, but it might also be a horrible one, pick your path wisely

Don’t you think that even if you renew your sexual relationship with you she’d come back the same freak as she used to be and make you feel bad again? Even if she becomes addicted to you she may express her addiction in a way that doesn’t please you… I’ve been there… The idiot came back to me many times being the same idiot over and over again… Now he will pay for that rather than being besides me and he will pay with the most dear and precious things for him.

Saying the above, would you pls share some details about Psionics amplifying pattern? Thanks.

You place a printing Psionics amplifying pattern in front of you, then place the sigil of whatever spirit you wish to work with, ie attributes, etc, in the center circle, then place a photograph of your target over the sigil. Stare at the photo and picture your target with whatever intent you have toward them. Do this two or three times a day. The amplifying pattern essentially amplifies the power of directed thought and is aided by the sigil, as it taps into the egregore, or spirits force.
You should be able to go to yahoo images to find the pattern. It is s circle connected by lines to 8 smaller circles surrounding it.


Thanks. I’d definately do that. Happy to hear that there’s no helmet involved since I don’t have one. Good luck to you again. I’m sure you’ll succeed. And I am sure that when you get even with the sociopathic b*ch you will meet another one who will make you even more satisfied than her. As long as you wish for other.

I’d also add that except Sitri, Ladilok is said to be able to bend before you any woman will and she’s able to turn any woman to your slave.

I’ve never heard of that spirit, could you elaborate?
Thank you

Oh, I see there’s info regarding Ladilok on the forum. I’ll read through it. I appreciate your input