Sitri is from Jinnestan?

I came across this site while researching Sitri

It’s saying Sitri is from Jinnestan, is he a Jinn?


That’s an edit to that wiki, always check edit histories before pinning your magickal wellbeing on a statement: Difference between revisions of "Sitri" | Demonology | Fandom

Also, I’ll go out on a limb and say a site called “genies.fandom” may not be the authentic source you seek…


youre probably right, havent found many authetinc sites on goetics

IMO take a look through their entries in the old grimoires, most of those are visible online now, ask your allies if a spirit is right for you (this is why getting one spirit mentor you can trust is the most important act in magick IMO) and then, ask them, many have more offices and interests than the old grimoire authors could possibly have shared.

But always, always check sources for anything you read. We all get lazy in this fast-food-fast-evereything internet age, but when info’s delivered piping hot for the asking, it pays to look who did the cooking, if you know what I mean. :wink:


Sitri is an incubus, specifically a descendent of one of Lilith’s direct daughters not a Djinn, so it wouldn’t quite make sense for him to be from Jinnestan.


Truer words were never spoken.

Fandom… Is that like some sort of fan website or something? What’s that mean? Doesn’t sound serious.

Yeah, I had thought he was an incubus as well. What about Asmodeus - isn’t he one too?

Asmodeus is a Djinn, one of the Kings of the Djinn.

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Ah, I see. Well least I got it right about Sitri then lol.

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