Sitri, Asmodeus and male sexuality

I would like to ask how these two demons work on our sexuality. I have read that Asmodeus makes us men more dominant and “aggressive” in our relationship with women. May I ask you how Sitri works, especially those who have worked with both?

Asmodai certainly does that, it’s an addictive feeling because it’s so similar to getting spirits to respond. He has some very extreme Dom tendencies and he will certainly bring that side out of people if it’s in them. In my case I become quite dominant, yet not domineering

Big difference. For some reason it’s never given me any sense of a fire that must be controlled. It’s just elegant and precise power. Your experience may vary but every time I’ve called on him it becomes the most natural thing in the world.

Sitri is kinky as all hell. He also likes to mess with you and will give you lots of stories. He’s more about eroticism and his love stuff is more conquering the heart through lust. He’s very good at what he does. A lot of it is through perception and less about you. He’s more of a mind control demon on that way, the sort of guy who whispers fantasies into peoples ears at church

Asmodai has an extensive emotional intelligence as well. Sitri is like pure sex drive at all costs. Both are excellent at all this though Asmodai is far more dynanic


I totally agree with Asmodais Dom tendencies he he, he either is an overpowering urge of domination inspiring you to submit, and be ravaged or inspires you to dominate and control.
Sitri however I’ve found to be less headfirst and more manipulative. Using your own desires to his advantage but also loving and caring.