Sitri Altar and Offerings

I’ve prepared to work with Sitri for improvement in seduction and personal dominance.
Aside from his sigil, can anyone recommend altar items to charge these intentions? What symbols, plants, omens, (etc.) represent Sitri?
Furthermore, I assume a menstrual blood offering would be sufficient to seal my pact, but I’m curious as to what offerings others have used with demons.

The offerings used would depend on the spirit and intention. For Sitri in the manner you choose to work with him, I’d personally use anything that makes me feel seductive and dominant. In general most really dig art. You could write him a sexy story or poem, if you can draw, paint etc I’m sure he’d dig an erotic image.

You could set it up with perfumes, soaps etc to absorb some of his energy, and then use them on yourself to boost the effect. Offer him the opportunity to experience the sex you do get via invocation before hand. Maybe carry his sigil in your wallet/purse. Or a small version of his sigil in your bra?

He also likes incense a lot, scented candles, chocolate, wine, fruit, things like that.


Can i ask what happens when you do invocation and offer him that? Like, do you feel his precense a bit in the back of your mind but you are still you and know what’s going on? And he won’t do it again later on? Because isn’t that like…inviting him in your body? Isn’s that a bit too dangerous? And only i will feel him, not the other person too? I’m sorry, i’ve never done invocations so i don’t know how it works but i think that’d be a good offering for him in my case too, so i’m just wondering. Also the perfume or soap should be on his sigil for some time and then i should use it? And he will be fine with that?