Sites like this one

Do you guys know of any other sites like BALG? As much as I love this place and the people, I’d love to be able to broaden the horizons and look at other book publishers and forums.

i dont know of an occult forum better than this one…but i do know of and the occult page on reddit. Problem with them is that they have a very tiny scope of what magick can do and how to perform it…and many of them are armchair occultists from what ive seen. You wont be able to have the kinds of conversations with them as you’d have here


@Verdo is right. Reddit is full of armchair occultists and pompous self righteous white lighters. I tried it before coming here. 0/10 wouldn’t post again.


There’s also studioarcanis. Be ready to get shot down for any beginner questions though.

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Not really man. Maybe something on reddit but that’s well, it’s just reddit. You get banned for everything.

It’s obvious this is the place.

The founders made this site dope as fuck.

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I feel like I found my new home here man no lie.

There is a good YouTube channel I go to called ODD reality.

E.A. really knows his shit man. Been watching his videos. These guys aren’t fucking around man.