Sitael successes!

Hey everyone!!

I’m making this post to share not one, but 2 success stories with Angel Siteal!!

In January, I noticed that my usual beginning of the year bad luck began rather quickly, & harshly hitting the things I never wanted it to hit(…as it usually does…) & I came across a book about Raziel & her pathworkings. One of the Angels Listed in the book was Siteal. One of his powers is protecting one from adversity, & hardship. After reading the book I prepped for the ritual, & preformed it. I had little IF ANY resistance, reaching out to, & coming into contact with Raziel, & subsequently Siteal.

Within less then 2 weeks I began to notice that my luck, was shifting positivity!! Not much bad luck, if any, little hardships. I had successfully adverted bad luck & hardships. I rewarded Siteal what I had promised him, & had asked him to continue protecting me.

This lasted up until around April. About 10 days ago now, I casted the same spell again, but explained the things I felt were going wrong that brought me back to him, & again, Siteal delivered my results promptly, & swiftly!! I feel I am being protected from hardships, & adversity. I was even offered a job in FEMA’s EMS task force, which I accepted!!

This post was one of my rewards for Siteal!!

I throw praise onto you Angel Siteal!! Your influence, & powers have positivity influenced my life, not once but twice now!! Your manifestations are swift, just & for my greatest good!! Just as I had asked for!! Thank you Angel Siteal!! I praise thee, & genuinely throw my thanks to you!!


could you tell us which spell you casted ?

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I casted a protection from adversity spell using the pathworking outlined in the book “Raziel’s Paths of Power Volume I 72 Angels of the Name” By Jareth Tempest!!

First I called upon Raziel, then had her guide me to Sitael, & made my petition to him

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This is nice!
Kindly post more if you have, testimonies about angels works good for searches.

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As more results manifest I promise you I will!!

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