Sinyktar's greatest friend : "Moldavite"

This thread will be the story/journal of my new and unusual friendship with Moldavite
Wich I’ll refer to AÖ because it feel rigth to me don’t ask :joy:

To say that I was exited to receive that piece was an understatement, plus a small story about how I got it :
It was twook week since I haven’t received any update on the tracking so I decided to use a little trick I found here on the forum by LadyEva if I remember correctly, “Because I’m a living god my moldavite will get by me today hummm tommorrow probably !”
And you guessed it the night after that day I received plenty of update that the package is now in my country and a few hours later in the morning that it was on the road to my house :star_struck:

When I received AÖ I took care of greating that new friend of mine and “linking” it to me by looking at it, meditating with it, talking to it (in my mind of course) etc…
At that time I felt only some kind of surge and minor liberation with a few and very small tears along with a feeling of peace, a feeling that I rarely feel, it’s almost like I should feel like that at my “normal” state. I decided to assume AÖ was doing it’s magick.

So in Honor to AÖ I decided to make myself a necklace to keep my dear friend everywhere with me (I did not want my moldavite to be peirced or blocked in some kind of metal), I was really glad that AÖ has a triangular shape wich made it easier to me to make some kind of knot.
The end result is pretty much shit but I love it that way, I still managed to make a knot behind my neck that can glide to make AÖ lower or higher on my chest.
I think AÖ liked that necklace.

To end that first day with my new friend I decided to put it under one of my feet with one sock.
Later that night I had to wake up to do a ritual I scheduled at 3am.
Long story short I did the whole thing during one hour and got back to bed.
It took me really a lot of time to get back to sleep.
But When I did I started to hear myself breath at a different pace than I was actually doing I didn’t mind it so I let it be, little did I know what was coming :joy: :relaxed:
Soon I feel a lot of things happening to my body but I can’t describe it, in no time I start hearing whispering, whole range of noises and some kind of rumbling.
I decide to go at it till the end and…I see… I see my room
“Wait wasn’t I falling asleep ?” That thought didn’t maintain for long as I felt something as heavy as a random person grabing me and being glued to my whole back from legs to head !
Im like : “yuuuuk it’s breathing on me !” :joy:
In a flash of lucidness I tilt and go : “Hoooow wow it’s me ! I think…?”
So I decide to finally utilise my knowledge and hours of practice into use to finally have that OBE.

But I struggle like hell it’s like having 5 people grabing me back to my body I struggle so badly that I end up seing the thing at my back wich I think is me and it’s face looks weird it look like it’s made of clay or something and if you would see it for yourself, believe me any horror moovie would been keen of producing that effect.

So I’m not even sure it’s me and I struggle even more, I end up mooving into the whole room but with little to no control and still with that feeling of having someone holding to my back so I just give up (I probably shouldn’t) and calm myself into that “thing” and 1 or 2 minutes goes by and I open my physical eyes to my amazement of what happened.

AÖ really played a master card on me the first night :flushed:

I’ll need to experiment more to determine what was the precise cause of the failure but that’s another subject, keep in my when I say “struggle” I mean getting out of my body by using the rope technique or whatever technique I remember on the moment, but with a pinch of “damn it’s so freaking haaaaard”

All of that conclude my first day with AÖ
I’m also curious if my new friend is the reason why I’m not even half as hungry as I’m usually, wich can be a problem because of my differents workouts plus I’m still young so my body is still growing even tho it’s like a really small amount comparing to puberty (I’m 20 btw) SO note to myself : I need to look after that and see how my body reacts, the weird thing is I’m not hungry but every time I force myself to eat at least a bit I immediatly crave water wich of course I end up drinking twice or three times the amount of what I just ate.

AÖ, you and I that’s a wild adventure in front of us

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Day 2 with AÖ :relaxed: :

I had one session of meditation and had a lot of vibration I don’t usually get, the rest was quite usual

I tried a short “pseudo” healing session with touch and my few knowledge gathered while I was wearing AÖ and the person told me that she felt something coming gradually but with intensity, quite fast the person stumbled a bit toward me and I calmed her by making her breath the 3inspire,3hold,3expire way After the session she described it like being thrown at against multiple meteor and almost asked me to stop but because of my soothing she could let it go and pursue the small session.

Note to myself : if the session is short put less intensity into it

The night came and I put my dear friend once again in the spot where it had some effect before, only this time I only had multiple very vivid dream : in it I saw what was looking like my ex rocking her workouted body in bikini in some sort of music clip.
Damn she was hot but I don’t know why I saw her that way I know in reality she’s less atractive than in this dream.
In my dream she was hypergamous version of the feminin side if that’s even a word so I think it might be more some kind of entity taking her base apparence visiting me in my dream, I already had that once before in the year with someone else being hypergamous as hell. It’s like no-one in this world is that “sexy” to say, also those two apparition looked more real than real people :joy:.

And to conclud that other day I got back my usual appetite so everything is fine once again !