Sinus healing

When my friends has a really bad sinus. This person is always stuffed up In the nose, Sneezing etc. anybody have success on healing this?

I’ve healed my own sinus problems.

When I feel any illness starting to “take hold” in my body, I just focus on feeling it for a few moments, then I imagine it as nasty brown energy and forcefully breathe it out of my mouth.

I just keep taking deep breaths and breathing this nasty brown energy out of my mouth until I feel like it’s gone. I imagine it coming out of my mouth like a brown cloud that rises into the air and dissipates.

If I feel the need, I’ll even talk directly to the illness and tell it that it is not welcome in my body that my body is my temple, and to leave my body now.

It’s worked wonders for me. I’ve been doing this for about 9 months and the only time I’ve got sick was when I had a cyst form on the root of my tooth. But the constant sinus infections I was suffering from stopped and haven’t come back.

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This person is not going to visualize what do all of that. Could you recommend a spirit to do it on his behalf?

No, I can’t. I don’t ask spirits to do things for me. I ask spirits to teach me how to do magick for myself.

Do you have the ability to do energy work? And will he let you do it to him?

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I have a healing incantation Azazel gave me. I can send you if you want it.

Yea pm me it

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sent it.

Charge his solar plexus chakra with a golden light, the light then taking over the whole body. His problem seems to be due to lack of sun light probably living in a damp house. He needs sun as much as he can.